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  1. Hum, any idea of how to get them working? I did get it working with a third tracker I tried but I would love to have it work with Scenetime and Bitme
  2. It also fixed my data protection failed issue however I know get this "Configuration failed: Found no results while trying to browse this tracker" I tried 2 different trackers so far
  3. Yeah, even with the latest update. I thought maybe something got jacked with the docker so I completely deleted it and reinstalled but same issue
  4. Wanted to thank you for updating. Also not sure why but I get this error "Configuration failed: Data protection failed." when trying to log into Bitme Actually it appears I get that message when trying to log into any tracker
  5. You guys are awesome! Im trying to use your dockers whenever I can. Is it possible for you to make a Jackett docker to use with your excellent sonarr one? I know someone else already made one but they don't actively update it and like I said I prefer to use stuff from you
  6. Im also wondering if this docker can be updated
  7. I have a tracker with a expired cert and it is causing this error "Tracker: [Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates]" any idea how to get around that?
  8. So I recently added another drive to my unraid server since they other 2 were getting pretty full. Because my split level is set at 2 and this share has TV shows and movies I decided to move some of the TV Shows to the new drive since they still air and the episodes go to the drive the show was originally on. I did this via Midnight Commander. All the files moved successfully and if I browse by drive they are all visable.The problem comes when I try to browse by the Media share. All the files that I moved to the new disk no longer show up. Im sure I just forgot to do something but Im either bad at searching the forums or no one has had this issue. I would love any help anyone has to offer. Thanks
  9. So it looks like a bunch of .AppleDB stuff. How do I remedy that?
  10. Im not really sure what is going on but when I try to stop my array it keeps trying to unmount the cache drive and fails claiming that it is in use. Ive stopped everything that runs from the cache but I still seem to have the same issue. Im not very fluent in linux so Im not really sure how to figure out what is going on. Any help would be appreciated the unraid has been running like a champ but im getting low on space and want to add a disk into the array that I have previously cleared and has been chilling as a warm spare. Thanks
  11. I would also check your settings within the plex app on the apple tv. Its possible something is not set right
  12. My first guess would be the issue is due to the fact that the Plex server most likely needs to transcode the video so that it is playable via the AppleTV. If that is the case your processor may not be up to the task. Without more info its hard to say though. What is the error message you are getting? have you tried streaming to anything else? Like the iOS or Android client, or a PC? \
  13. Read the thread for the beta again and noticed many ppl having same issue. downgraded and everything seems to be working properly again
  14. I am also having an issue were I can telnet in but can not access the web gui. This is on an initial setup using the lastest beta as I would like to run Plex Media server on the box. Everything was going fine with the setup, preclear assigning disks and all and then after I clicked apply after enabling user shares the web gui became no longer accessable. Attached is my syslog per instructions syslog.txt