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  1. First of all, I would like to thank you for developing this docker. This is a fantastic tool for users with limited understanding of networking (like myself). Now, on to the problem: I configured Nginx Proxy Manager for 5 different proxy hosts - Sabnzbd, Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr and Ombi Everything else seems to work flawlessly except Ombi. With Ombi, although I am able to get to the login page, it keeps looping back to the same page, when I click on the login button. i.e. Instead of logging me into Ombi, it open a new tab / window and goes back to the login screen. Also, the same behavior is persistent on both Ombi native login and plex authorization. Have even tried the option to log a user based on just the username, but even that does not work. I have checked the configuration file for Ombi and the options selected on that file are exactly the same as other proxy host config files. I have included my config file below for your assistance: # ------------------------------------------------------------ # ombi.mydomain.com # ------------------------------------------------------------ server { set $forward_scheme http; set $server "x.x.x.x"; set $port 3579; listen 8080; listen 4443 ssl http2; server_name ombi.mydomain.com; # Let's Encrypt SSL include conf.d/include/letsencrypt-acme-challenge.conf; include conf.d/include/ssl-ciphers.conf; ssl_certificate /etc/letsencrypt/live/npm-7/fullchain.pem; ssl_certificate_key /etc/letsencrypt/live/npm-7/privkey.pem; # Asset Caching include conf.d/include/assets.conf; # Block Exploits include conf.d/include/block-exploits.conf; access_log /data/logs/proxy_host-5.log proxy; location / { # Force SSL include conf.d/include/force-ssl.conf; proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade; proxy_set_header Connection "upgrade"; proxy_http_version 1.1; # Proxy! include conf.d/include/proxy.conf; } } --------------------------- Any help would be much appreciated. Edit : Managed to fix the issue by disabling the support websockets option.
  2. Thanks a lot! Following those steps fixed the issue. Have a fully working array again. As for the parity check, it was after an unclean shutdown, so that makes sense too.
  3. Yesterday all of a sudden all my shares disappeared, and based on previous advise on the forum, I just restarted my server and array and everything worked as before with all shares intact. Then, last night a family member saw a few seasons of a TV show missing on Plex and reported it to me and when I checked, it seemed like one of the data disks (disk 1) was showing up as Unmountable: No file system. I restarted the server and the array again to see if that will fix the issue. It did not, however the parity had started and I stopped it manually to avoid any further issues. I also tried to unassign the disk from the array and start the array in emulated mode, to see if that will get me access to my data, however the episodes are still missing (and not sure what else was on disk 1). I would like to take the data off that disk and rebuild, but at this stage, I am not even able to mount it outside the array (within unassigned devises) to get access to the data. Need some help to decide next course of action. Diagnostics attached below. kunraid-diagnostics-20190306-1833.zip
  4. That's what I thought !!! I will get a new one tomorrow and swap it out. Just hope that the config / data will not be lost. Are there any clear instructions on how to swap a flash drive to a new one without loosing the config / data?
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I tired to run the disk check utility in windows, but it keeps saying that the drive is write protected and will not progress. Anything else I can try?
  6. I upgraded my unraid server to the latest version. After the upgrade, I tried to stop the array so that I can reboot the server. However, it got stuck while stopping and was non-responsive. After that, I lost connection to the unraid server. Now, after rebooting unraid, I can get to the login page and am able to login to unraid. However, when I try to access the GUI (via IP address or server name), I cannot get to it. To clarify I even tried to access the localhost on unraid machine directly to isolate any network related issues, but cannot access localhost on the local machine either. Also, I can ping the IP address of the unraid machine from a different windows pc, however, cannot get to the IP in a web browser. Syslog attached for your assistance. syslog.txt