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  1. Looks AWESOME, Thank you so much, i owe you a beverage
  2. Hey First of all nice work Second i got two request and i hope you would do both, that would just be awesome First case is the: Silverstone ds380 And the second case is the: Inter-Tech IPC 4U-4424 Hope to hear from ya
  3. Okay, i had thought about doing what both of you describe and i can hear that it is the way to go I was just curious if it really had to be done that way or if you could just install the new key and the old key would still be useable But i give you guys my biggest thanks for this just helped alot
  4. Hi guys and gals I'm sitting here with my first Unraid server which only has a "basic key" and i am about to change the server to new components, but my question is this: Can i buy a new "Pro key" and use this for my current version of unraid and then use the "basic key" for another USB for another server? (so not upgrading the key but replace the one on the usb) Or would this go as an server upgrade and then block the current "basic key" that i have now?