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  1. I updated my Unraid server yesterday (not sure which version i had running before). After the reboot all disks wich are connect at my PCIe Adapter aren't available. Tried to reboot, checked the cables and checked the card.
  2. Doesn't help. No Files there also the files where the run script point on.
  3. Hello, I tried to install the ioBroker Docker from DockerHub (original from ioBroker). The installation runs without any error: When I now try to start the docker I get the error: When I go to /mnt/user/appdata/iobroker the folder is empty
  4. Hello, thx for the link. I searched for controller with more than 2 SATA ports so I din't found your example
  5. Is JMicron also OK? Don't find one from Asmedia in German Shops.
  6. I had to restart twice before it started the docker container again
  7. Yes, after reboot i could restart the array. In the moment I have no other possibilities, I have to use a controller card, because there is nor mini itx Board with AMD Sockel with more than 4 SATA conectors on board.
  8. I switched the harddrives and it runs three days without an error. Today in the morning all dockers stop with the error: read system only. looks like it is the drive sdh. Is there a possibility to run a check like chkdsk to find out if there is a hardware error?
  9. Hello, today suddenly I couldn't connect to my unRAID Server. Not with putty or the web dashboard. My Server has no GPU so I can't connect a monitor. I did a hard reset and after booting up i get the info for one HDD. "device is disabled contents emulated". I am not so familiar with hardware diagnostic but when I read the smart data, it looks like a damaged HDD or? I download the diagnostic files after the hard reset. Disk 2 is the bad one.
  10. I didn't. I will try it and will look if it helps
  11. I add the zip to my first post. I will run a memtest tonight.