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  1. Great interview! Fantastic videos, they got me into unRAID and I watch every one you release @SpaceInvaderOne. A live stream would be great, you should do a regular slot! Neat setup with the servers, it gave me some ideas for my three servers. Keep up the excellent work.
  2. I will have a look at the perc bios and see if I can get anything from that. I have set the smart settings in Unraid as megaraid but will try your suggestion.
  3. HI Squid Unfortunately not. See screen shot. You just get the perc 6i controller set of numbers. The sdX designations stay the same unless you start moving drives in the perc controller.
  4. Is there a set of commands using Smartctrl to show a Linux device name (sda, sdj, etc.) to the serial number? I have a Dell PowerEdge T610 and the perc 6i doesn't give correct smart info easily. I can see the hard drives in each of the hard drives bays and the serial number of the drive but want to match it to the device name (sda, sdj, etc.). (All drives in raid 0) Plus when I have to replace any hard drives has anybody got a procedure to follow to swap the drive out and replace with a new one? The 'normal' unraid procedure (using sata cables etc.) doesn't directly apply. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.
  5. tower-diagnostics-20181102-1224.zip Here you go. Thanks for any help you can give
  6. Yeah tried the SMART report and it still doesnt work, think i need to add an attribute. Will have to look into it further when the parity sync is finished. At the moment it is going ok? Woudl liek to get SMART working though. Thanks for your help and time.
  7. I am using a dell Poweredge T610 and can't seem to get the hard drives 'seen' by the plugin? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Johnnie. Many thanks for your time. Just to add a further 'silly' question. What procedure would you recommend, if you even know, to swap out a faulty drive and replace iwiththe new one? I think I messed things up by taking out the incorect drive so maybe will not have this problem again if i took the correct 'faulty' drive out? The server layout plugin does not see the drives which is a shame. Do you know where I can see the actual S/N of the disk in Unraid so I can label up?
  9. Johnnie many thanks. I think I have now got the server online and the array started. All 8 disks have got the Megaraid smart type now. I am installing the server layout plugin so I know what disk is where and will do a smart check and parity check to see what disk is giving me the errors. I have used WD Red drives and they are less than 12 months old so strange I get errors?
  10. Hi Johnnie. Thanks for the info. Can you point me in the direction of how to do a new config? Plus I will install a plugin which shows which disks are located where in the array.
  11. I recently had a drive show errors and decided to swap it out, disk 3. Followed the procedure and unassigned it from unraid, no problems. Shut machine down and removed the drive. Booted the server (Dell Poweredge T610 using a perc 6i controller. All drives in raid 0) and restarted Unraid. however the disk that I took out was disk 1. I shut the server down and re inserted it, booted again. The perc controller has now detected a 'foreign configuration' and updated. However, and this is the problem Unraid will not start the array as it says the 'Wrong disk' is being used, even though the physical disk is in the same slot. I think this is due to the perc controller reconfiguring. I am thinking the only way to get the array back up is to restart the array from scratch and then preclear the disks to find the actual problem disk. I have all the data backed up so data loss is not a problem. Can anybody give any pointers to get around the problem? If not how do I start the array from scratch again? Final question the disks don't seem to update smart status as the report says to use 'Megaraid' as a attribute. Can I use the webgui to incorporate this command or do I have to use the terminal to get a smart status on disks in the array? Drives such as my ssd which is direct via sata on the motherboard have smart status. Any pointers or help is greatly appreciated.