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  1. How do I configure a VPN with this or do I need to get the "nzbgetvpn" version? I also have binhex-delugevpn installed (and configured) which works with Transmission to force all traffic to go through the VPN does binhex-delugevpn also work with nzbget in this way? Thanks Nate
  2. Thanks to both of you! maybe I will try to figure out mover Nate
  3. Thank you for the response, but I guess I should clarify. I go to user/downloads (set to cache - only) and try to transfer and move the files to user/TV Shows (set to cache -no). For some reason the past few weeks I've tried to do this, the move seems to be completed and it moves the files from the downloads folder, but when I go view that new folder on disk-1 it is not there, but if I go to cache a new folder was created called TV Show and my file ends up there. Of course I know when this happens because the copy of a 50gb season only takes 5-10 seconds versus if i go to user0/tv shows to transfer it to the appropriate folder it takes 20 minutes. Nate
  4. Hello, I am still fairly new to unraid, but so far I've been using krusader to accomplish the moving of files around. What I usually do is that new files are downloaded to the Cache, and then I manually move them to the appropriate folder. It was working with no issues, but now lately when I go to move it to the User/subfolder it seems to move it to Cache/subfolder (versus a disk). If I try to move it to user0/subfolder (saw this time on another post) it will move it to the correct location and not to the cache drive. I have the sharefolder/subfolder in question set to Cache No. I thought the approved guidance was to always do things within the User folder (not directly within the cache, disk, user0, etc.) Unraid v6.5.2 binhex Krusader Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Nate
  5. I am fairly new to unraid (less than 2 months), but I noticed this issue as well. Xbox running plex can't access server I go to my unraid and I try to start the webui and nothing. I restart plex docker and everything works fine.