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  1. How do I configure a VPN with this or do I need to get the "nzbgetvpn" version? I also have binhex-delugevpn installed (and configured) which works with Transmission to force all traffic to go through the VPN does binhex-delugevpn also work with nzbget in this way? Thanks Nate
  2. Thanks to both of you! maybe I will try to figure out mover Nate
  3. Thank you for the response, but I guess I should clarify. I go to user/downloads (set to cache - only) and try to transfer and move the files to user/TV Shows (set to cache -no). For some reason the past few weeks I've tried to do this, the move seems to be completed and it moves the files from the downloads folder, but when I go view that new folder on disk-1 it is not there, but if I go to cache a new folder was created called TV Show and my file ends up there. Of course I know when this happens because the copy of a 50gb season only takes 5-10 seconds versus
  4. Hello, I am still fairly new to unraid, but so far I've been using krusader to accomplish the moving of files around. What I usually do is that new files are downloaded to the Cache, and then I manually move them to the appropriate folder. It was working with no issues, but now lately when I go to move it to the User/subfolder it seems to move it to Cache/subfolder (versus a disk). If I try to move it to user0/subfolder (saw this time on another post) it will move it to the correct location and not to the cache drive. I have the sharefolder/subfolder in questio
  5. I am fairly new to unraid (less than 2 months), but I noticed this issue as well. Xbox running plex can't access server I go to my unraid and I try to start the webui and nothing. I restart plex docker and everything works fine.