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  1. Oh wow, this is a blast from the past. IIRC, the Marvel card ended up not being a supported RAID card for Unraid. I got a Dell PERC H200 (flashed to IT Mode) instead, which I highly recommend.
  2. I have updated the videos. Apologies for the error. I will say, the UUD is far better than whatever I had before
  3. It seems the share settings for some of my shares are being ignored. Ex: I have a share called 'system' Share settings: Included disk(s): Disk 5 Excluded disk(s): None Use cache disk: Prefer There is no 'system' folder on the root of Disk 5, but somehow there is on the root of Disk 7. "Free" space indicated on User Shares for 'system' is ~8 TB (free space of Disk 7 + free space of cache). I manually moved the 'system' folder from Disk 7 to Disk 5, and now the "Free" space indicates ~3.5 TB (free space of Disk 5 + free space of cache) This also happe
  4. Following binhex_delugevpn update recently, CP's connection to Deluge is broken. After mucking around, I think I've pinpointed the issue to an incompatible SSL protocol in Seems CP is still running on Python 2.7, and lacks support for the new protocol used by Deluge 2.0. Any way to update the Python version in CP?
  5. So much for the Wiki. If anyone has access and can grant me access, I'd love to help edit it and update it. H200 works with firmware 20, running on unRAID 6.6.7 Great instructions and necessary files here: (S/O to techmattr on Reddit)
  6. I too am having issues with the Marvel 88SE9215 chipset card. Similar story, the two drives I plugged into it did not show up on my array, marked as invalid. Had to plug them back into the normal SATA ports on the motherboard and reconstruct the drive for it to work again. Afraid to try it again.
  7. Having the same issue I think. Cant' access webui. Only one ovpn in the folder (Netherlands, which has port forwarding). Mind having a look? supervisord.log