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  1. When I originally set up my VM I only did it with one core but I switched it over to 2 cores with 4 gigs of memory. I found that I needed a little extra memory for the multiple users. I also set it up so that way it's only role was to host the file with the database server running on VM. All of the other computers are set up with the primary software and then I map the drive to the VM. I get pretty good performance and of course QuickBooks is notoriously slow to begin with so it really doesn't matter how much processor you shove behind it!
  2. Sorry I didn't explain that better (At the time, I was still very new at UnRAID terminology) I did indeed use a VM with a Standard install of Windows 7 Home Prem. and not a Docker container! Hope you were able to still setup your Quickbooks!
  3. I too would be very happy to see your process! I really do like the stability of Linux and would be very happy to give it another try, and hearing that you have done it in the past successfully really fills me with a sense of hope on this! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  4. I'd be happy to provide an update! So after playing around with red head for a while and signing let it did not work as I expected it to with QuickBooks database manager I tried a new branch called fedora hoping that the structure would be a little bit more solid for what I was trying to do. Unfortunately I ended up with the same result, and the QuickBooks database manager did not work. So unfortunately I had to Resort back to Windows so I created a docker image of Windows 7 and installed Quickbooks on there in the default way and chose the store my file on this computer option, in essence using it as a server. It's been a couple months now since I set up the system and it has been damn near Bulletproof, I still have access to my files with no problem and I get the benefit of having it backed up on an unraid server so I get the bonus of that environment. Plus it doesn't hurt that Windows 7 computer networking is vastly easier then getting Linux computers to freely share with Windows PCS don't know why but I always have problems with networking Linux and windows together just seems to be my kryptonite. LOL
  5. Perfect! This worked for my quad Intel Nic too! Thank you for sharing your solution!
  6. I laughed when I read your last paragraph, I completely understand your feelings of frustration with this company! Thanks for your advice, I'll give it a shot in the VM and share the results. I hope my little adventure with this issue can assist others in the same boat or maybe inspire a programmer to take matters into their own hands!! Thanks -Scott
  7. So I am looking for a little guidance, and I'm pretty sure from everything I've read and watched that Docker might be my friend in this endeavor! I recently had my home office server crash, thankfully I had everything backed up and current and so data loss was not an issue. The problem was a failure of windows, it was the last straw so I started hunting for an alternative, I found unRAID and was very impressed, it filled every need and seems to be much more stable for my environment! The only thing it lacked was out of box support for my Quickbooks. Quickbooks used to be able to use a file saved on a NAS or File Server with no problem, however new additions required the Quickbooks Database Server Manager program to manage multi users and storage. This is why I had been using Windows. However after a little bit of research I found that they had a Linux release of the manager in RPM (Fedora/RedHat) My Question is two fold, one: Do I need to install a full VM of Fedora to run this program or Two: Can I run just the program it'self in a Docker? This is a link to the documentation I have checked out fro Quickbooks! https://community.intuit.com/articles/1552445-install-linux-database-server-manager