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  1. So my system is an i3-8100 with 8gb ram. 2x4 Tb data 1x2 Tb data 1x4TB parity Running dockers with Plex Radarr Sonarr Rutorrent Sabnzbd I get problem with IOWAIT when files are unpacking and moving around. Watching movies at the same time is unbearable. So I figured a nice ssd cache drive would help out. (or will my cpu still get stalled by IOWAIT?) I have a M.2 slot PCIe Gen3 x4 So was thinking about this drive https://www.wd.com/products/internal-ssd/wd-black-sn750-nvme-ssd.html So my questions 1. Will a cache disk help with my IOWAIT? 2. Is this a good choice of drive? 3. Is 512gb enough as cache? 4. Is a better choice additional 8gb ram instead?
  2. Yup noticed. Had to reinstall as well to get it working but helped alot to use correct port [emoji23] Skickat från min SM-G950F via Tapatalk
  3. Got it working by removing as you said. Had to remove everything and choose enable flood. Then flood work. Cannot switch between flood/rutorrent just by changing variable and restarting docker. Need to remove everything between switches. However I found out I preferred rutorrent so switched back [emoji4] Skickat från min SM-G950F via Tapatalk
  4. How do I get Flood frontend working? I set ENABLE_FLOOD to yes in docker settings. Some thing about preventing rutorrent from starting since Flood is enabled in log. Docker start without any problem. No webinterface at all at port 9080 anylonger. Am I doing this wrong? Edit: Ok changed to "no" and now Im not even get rutorrent interface back. Have restarted docker several times NO idea what could have been messed up by just changing the variable from no to yes and then back to no
  5. Good point! Been at 100% cpu all day. Around 17:00 today I killed the Sonarr docker and everything went back to normal. I think the logs are a while back so it should be during the problems. Let me know if you need something else. nas2-diagnostics-20190114-1843.zip
  6. Have you found out anything else about this? I have the EXAKT same problem as you describe. Sometimes it however resolves itself. I dont need to reboot, but I can actullay enter setting and disable dockers. This forces everything to stop and then I can restart docker agan and it works normally. This is really annoying and I am not sure how to check what is causing this. I am not running Couchpotato but Radarr (and Sonarr). I have not made this connection. I have however sometimes files moving around which could seem to be forever but they dont use all this CPU when that has been occuring. Most annoying things is that Plex is non responsive so my movies for the kids does not work (if I am not home to "fix" it). ------------------------- Ok. Thanks for the tip. I logged into console. Killed off Sonarr docker with docker command. CPU dropped down to normal use in a few minutes (guess when all processes belonging to Sonarr where all killed). I will try to disable Sonarr for the moment.
  7. Dude! I am so stupid. I was reading fast and did not realise it was a "standard" setting for expert. I only changed to expert in the actual channel/epg view which didnt work. Now I see it! Thanks a lot
  8. Thanks. Managed to configure it inside docker and I think it went ok. However I cannot enable any grabber. Actually cannot find Configuration --> Channel/EPG --> EPG Grabber Modules at all.
  9. Yes. But channels doesn't map. I cannot set a specific epg source. If I edit a channel advanced there are no epg sources to choose from in the dropdown list. How am I supposed to fix this. Havn't found any guide that works. Some are referring to installing grabbers from bash but not sure this really is necessary or the problem.
  10. Hi there. Have not found out if this docker is complete with internal epg grabber enabled? Want to add epg data to my iptv channels but cannot find the settings. If this is not enabled how do I do this inside this docker?
  11. I'm using Deluge together with Radarr. All the logic kind of work. Torrents are added. Files are downloaded and moved to /download/complete folder. I have also enabled standard Extraktor plugin (also tried SimpleExtractor). The movie gets extracted without any problem. After this Radar detects the movie file and creates the new movie folder in my movies folder. It starts copying the file from /download/complete folder to my moviefolder. The problem starts now. Radarr copies the file to movie.partial~ When it reaches 100% it doesn't finish but restarts the copying from 0%. This keeps on indefinitely. If I stop seeding the torrent in Deluge, Radarr completes the copying. Seems like Deluge locks the file in some way. I can understand lock on the seeding rar files but the extracted moviefile really shouldn't be locked when seeding (since this file is not actually seeding). Anyone knows what could cause this problem and how to fix it. Thanks!
  12. Making backups to Onedrive Business (Office 365 account). I get some strange error on the three files all the time. The files are duplicati-20180815T113659Z.dlist.zip.aes duplicati-ia6bdfab6335b42e59d81995ec723ed00.dindex.zip.aes duplicati-b01282c80cf5e410daadfcf715916bee1.dblock.zip.aes They seem to be available on weblogin for Onedrive. Very irradic search for them though. Search for complete name does not find them but if I search for part of name they are there and can download them as well. Anyone else experiencing this?
  13. Thanks for info. I havn't had any problems and havn't had this error for a few days so seems to have fixed itself. I need this option on to be able to get hw acceleration in plex. I will let it be if I don't seem to get any problem with my system. Thanks for confirming it was this setting who likely triggered the calltraces. Now I know it's not something else that's wrong. Skickat från min SM-G950F via Tapatalk
  14. Some call Traces warning. Newly built nas. I did enable some alpha setting to be able to modprobe i915 on my z370 board. I think it started after that. Or else it was ju a coincidence. nas2-diagnostics-20180429-1027.zip
  15. Actually didn't knew which category I was supposed to post in. Thanks for moving. Skickat från min SM-G950F via Tapatalk