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  1. Saw a warning about 2 days ago that a disk was running out of space and then today saw a error notification that the disk is in error. I'm thinking I'd like to try recovering the same physical disk as a first step. I followed this part of the Wiki for checking and repairing a file system. I ran it in check-only mode and then again to write changes. But the Wiki mentions: If the drive is marked as disable and being emulated then the repair is run against the emulated drive and not the physical drive. It is frequently done before attempting to rebuild a drive as it is the conten
  2. Currently running 6.7.2. Started seeing this issue after upgrading to 6.7.0 and then rolled back to 6.5.1. However, I still saw the issue occasionally on the older version. I'm not sure which docker is crashing - I run Plex, Radarr, Sonarr, and binhex-Sonarr and others . Every 1-3 days I see 100% CPU load and dockers not responding and I need to restart the array. I think it is probably Plex that crashes based on a Reddit thread I saw. From Reddit I understand that most people are able to role back to 6.6.x and not see the issue, so the fact that I still saw the issue after rolling back to 6.5