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  1. On 5/17/2021 at 12:59 PM, Ruato said:



    Has this really been solved? It is still present in my system (6.9.2) and the above workarounds do not work. I can edit the smart-one.cfg file manually but manually set limits do not seem to work as already mentioned above by srirams on the 7th of May.


    Kinds regards, Ruato



    It doesn't seem to be solved in itself. What I had to do is go to the /boot/config/smart-one.cfg file (you can use the config editor under Tools). And even though it showed the correct values for my SSD's which I set, it wasn't using those. It had other lines as well, which I think is some old settings which are dominating the custom settings.




    So what I did is just clear the whole file and saved it. Then I set the custom thresholds for each SSD (through the Unraid UI) and so far it's been quiet with notifications.


    EDIT: Unfortunately after a reboot the notifications came back again, even though the UI shows the right values. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.