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  1. FYI on the above, info at says: max_size sets the upper limit of the size of the cache<cut>. It is optional; not specifying a value allows the cache to grow to use all available disk space. When the cache size reaches the limit, a process called the cache manager removes the files that were least recently used to bring the cache size back under the limit. NOTE (for others... Guessing cheesemarathon knows this. Ha!) : I believe SteamCacheBundle docker sets the Nginx max_size param based on the input of MAX_CACHE_SIZE. Although max
  2. I was nearly done deploying a different solution when I found this. The great info here helped me work out the other one. But I would like to switch to this, mostly because there is this budding community around your work. Some questions on this: If run with certain parameters (i.e. cache size, etc), is it possible to change those parameters without losing the cache that has built up. Would one simply 'docker stop' followed by 'docker run' with the revised parameters? Or would that wipe out the cache? Regarding CACHE_MAX_AGE, would it be appropriate for someone with re