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  1. digitalformula

    Docker filling up /var/lib - How to fix?

    Perfect, thanks @BRiT and @trurl. It turned out to be my backup software causing the issue. Configuring it using the same suggestions as in the Plex article has solved the problem. 🤘
  2. I'm seeing this message (with slight variations) every time I try to update a Docker container now. Error: write /var/lib/docker/tmp/GetImageBlob933543256: no space left on device How would I go about troubleshooting this? I'm familiar with Linux but don't want to start hacking about inside unRAID via SSH. In Slackware can we resize that device, similar to the way we can with /var/log? (There's a 3-year old post about it that works in that instance).
  3. digitalformula

    [RESOLVED] All settings gone after reboot

    Sorry, should've updated this before, since I had it fixed a minute or so after posting. It did actually turn out to be the USB port, although not a change from USB 3 to USB 2. I just used a different one - motherboard rear panel instead of case front panel. Still USB 3. Working now, thankfully. Thanks @bonienl.
  4. Hello, I'm on 6.6.5. I've just had to reboot my unRAID box and, after the restart, the hostname is "Tower" and the machine has a self-assigned IP address i.e 169.265.x.x. All configuration is gone, by the looks of it. I do have a flash backup but it's on S3 and not easily accessible (but it IS accessible if that's the only way to fix this - it's just not my preferred method). Why would this happen? I've found another post and have run "diagnostics" from the command line. I'll upload that when I can get the file (I'm on mobile now). In the meantime are there any known reasons for this? Thanks
  5. digitalformula

    *ALL* shares are *GONE* ... ??? (unRAID 6.6.1)

    Hmmmm I was just outlining the issue they were referring to, not saying you didn't illustrate your point. If that offended you ... well ... not sure how else I could've said it, really.
  6. digitalformula

    *ALL* shares are *GONE* ... ??? (unRAID 6.6.1)

    Confirmed here, too. I went to 6.6.4 and have had no issues since. All the issues I raised i.e NFS shares disappearing + SFTP problems look to have been resolved. On 6.6.5 now and everything is still working fine.
  7. digitalformula

    *ALL* shares are *GONE* ... ??? (unRAID 6.6.1)

    The user is talking about looking in the WebUI and finding no shares there. Specifically, NFS I believe. Also, when browsing to /mnt on the unRAID box, the "user" folder is marked with ???????? instead of the appropriate permissions (rwx-rw- etc.) It isn't a browser issue. I had the same issue where all my NFS shares were inaccessible, and was quite vocal about it (which upset 1 or 2 people). All that said, I'm on 6.6.5 now and everything has been working fine since I went to 6.6.4.
  8. digitalformula

    6.6.3 - Ongoing SFTP issues

    Sure, no problem. Fortunately the OpenSSH 7.7p1 rollback got me to a place where I could do this, otherwise I was heading for 6.5.3 rollback again.
  9. digitalformula

    6.6.3 - Ongoing SFTP issues

    This has allowed OpenSSH-7.9 to work. Thanks @eschultz - this info should be posted to a knowledge base, or something similar.
  10. digitalformula

    6.6.3 - Ongoing SFTP issues

    @limetech @eschultz Ok, check this out. - OpenSSH 7.7 wasn't working on unRAID 6.6.3 (for me) - OpenSSH-7.9 broke everything, as mentioned above. Rolling back to openssh-7.7p1-x86_64-1_slack14.2.txz has fixed it. I can now backup using Duplicati and I can transfer files using FileZilla. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this.
  11. digitalformula

    6.6.3 - Ongoing SFTP issues

    Thanks @eschultz - good info. I forgot unRAID does that sort of stuff in RAM.
  12. digitalformula

    6.6.3 - Ongoing SFTP issues

    I have fixed being unable to SSH into the unRAID box by rolling back to OpenSSH-7.7. However, this shouldn't have happened in the first place. The other SFTP issues remain as per the original post above. @limetech FYI, in particular.
  13. digitalformula

    6.6.3 - Ongoing SFTP issues

    Tagging @limetech because of recent discussions. With respect and no sarcasm (seriously) I request that you read this post, if you see your name tagged. I want to help fix this since unRAID is currently unusable for me. It's why I've tagged this as Urgent. Upgraded to 6.6.3 to try and diagnose issues, if they came back. The SFTP issues I logged in another post relating to 6.6.0 are still there (the other post is at the bottom of this one). I use a variety of tools/utilities to carry out various things over SFTP. - Backups with Duplicati. Connection is established, but all file transfers fail. - File transfers with FileZilla. Connection is established and I can login and browse, but can't transfer anything. The transfer all sits there on 0% and never get any further. - File transfers with gFTP. Works. All 3 of the above methods were faultless on 6.5.3 and nothing has changed on the client ends. Logic dictates that it's something on the unRAID side. That was before. In the post linked further down, @limetech suggested to do the following: wget http://slackware.cs.utah.edu/pub/slackware/slackware64-current/slackware64/n/openssh-7.9p1-x86_64-1.txz upgradepkg openssh-7.9p1-x86_64-1.txz I did that and now I can't login to my unRAID server *AT ALL* over SSH. From the client perspective, this is what I got at first, when trying to SSH into the server. ~ » ssh root@ ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer I restarted sshd using the following, thinking that maybe something didn't get reloaded properly. /etc/rc.d/rc.sshd restart That didn't fix it. So I then disabled SSH from the GUI, then re-enabled SSH from the GUI. Now I get this when I try to login via SSH: ~ » ssh root@ ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused Looks to me like sshd isn't even listening anymore. It's worth nothing that SSH *excluding* SFTP was fine until I upgraded OpenSSH as per above. I can still open a terminal from the GUI, however. Trying to restart sshd from the GU terminal, now, shows this: OpenSSL version mismatch. Built against 1010100f, you have 1010009f OpenSSL version mismatch. Built against 1010100f, you have 1010009f I can Google and fix that, I'm sure, but why would that even happen? Honestly, I'm at a bit of a loss here. I thought I was doing the right thing by upgrading to 6.6.3 in order to diagnose issues and provide feedback/logs, but now I have an unRAID system I can't use. I can't even login to it to get logs or diagnostics issues. It is a headless box that has no monitor or keyboard attached. I know that's nobody's problem but mine, but it is a problem, nonetheless. Can anyone help? Please?
  14. digitalformula

    [6.6.0] sftp transfer issues

    @limetech It was my understanding, though, that the NFS issues (i.e. nfsd or Fuse crashing) was caused by an incompatible kernel version. I'm unable to find the post that information came from so I'll assume it got deleted or I dreamed it ... Either way, yes, I've just found those posts you marked as Solved within the last 24 hours or so (including the one marked as Solved in the last 25 mins). If it is LimeTech's position that the issue is Solved to the point where a logged issue has been marked as Solved, I'll take my chances. Not trying to be disrespectful either, but realistically if the developers of a product say it's fixed and we can't rely on that, we can't rely on anyone. If the issue returns on 6.6.3 for me, I'll post diags. Thanks.
  15. digitalformula

    [6.6.0] sftp transfer issues

    Yes and I completely understand that. There are no issues with that here, at all. However, to get that diagnostics file I need to be running 6.6.something and I can't just upgrade with the knowledge that NFS is going to break at some point (as much as I'd love to provide logs/diagnostics/etc in order to help fix this). Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of multiple unRAID systems, though. This one being the only unRAID system I have, it must stay running with NFS shares working since the decision was made to implement unRAID as our onsite backup platform (yes I have offsite backups, too). 6.5.3 is totally stable in that regard so sticking with it is my only option. I may have to look at virtualising unRAID and testing that way - I certainly *want* to run 6.6.whatever. Just can't right now.