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  1. Ah alright! thanks I'll wait for the next release. Is there any way I can add the drivers myself?
  2. As shown in the picture below you can see the cards detected.
  3. I want to do that but I can't connect to the pc in the local network because the networking isn't working.... I can only "download" the zip on the local machine, not on a remote machine.
  4. The weird thing is that I don't see the adapters in the web interface of unraid. Any ideas why? Lspci shows the device though.. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G965F met Tapatalk
  5. Hello people! My question is why unraid doesn't include the drivers for the newest Dell integrated network cards. I just bought a brand new Dell T640 and tried to install unraid. Unfortunately i'm not in for any luck on the network side. Probably it's an driver issue because "lspci" does show the two cards inside my system. But they don't show as network interfaces on the unraid webinterface. I tried windows with the driver and it just works perfectly. I tried adding the linux drivers from dell but that didn't work for me. Maybe there is somebody that can help met with this problem. Maybe it's the wrong topic for this sub but i'm pointing it out anyways. Anyhow, Please please add driver support for the new Broadcom BCM57416 NetXtreme-E 10Gb RDMA Ethernet Controller network card from Dell. Cheers!