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  1. I tested it just updating my old docker, only editing the Repository to and clicked Apply. It updated, and is running now. It took a couple of stops and starts though because, where deemix-webui is hosted, is currently under a DDoS attack. If you get this message in the logs, then it's most likely because of the DDoS attack: [cont-init.d] First start, cloning repo Cloning into 'deemix'... fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 504
  2. The CN_DNSBL (DNS Blacklist) looks like it might be coming from firewall blocker or DNS blackhole filter. Are you perhaps running such software, or going through a connection or ISP that is?
  3. I believe this issue resolved itself. I waited a while longer and noticed an entry in the log file: md: sync done. time=62278sec md: recovery thread: completion status: 0 The webui is still showing only 35% completion, making me think that the webui broke somewhere and stopped updating. I'll confirm that when I can restart the server. PS: As suggested, I created a post in the feature request forum section regarding the diagnostic output.
  4. I would like to request the option to choose what goes into the Diagnostics that's created, or a way to encrypt certain portions of it and only sharing that with specific people. I recently had a support issue and was asked to provide the support diagnostics. After generating it and going through the output I was reluctant to share it in it's entirety publicly. Likewise, other users were reluctant to help me unless supply the whole diagnostic output. Specifically the output that concerned me was: The mover log (when enabled) writes to the syslog, and the sys
  5. Of course, and the server is not accessible directly, but some VM's are accessible and the diagnostic information does reveal a lot about my internal network if someone gained access in some other way. It wasn't quite expecting to be discussing the support diagnostics in this post though! :-)
  6. Thank you. I chose the anonymized option, but I still feel there's unneeded personal information. A few examples I spotted while going through the files just now were log entries for the cache mover naming full paths of files it's moving, lsof output showing port numbers and ip addresses and process listing showing full process command lines. I'll log this as a feature request, but it's obviously not going to help me right now :-)
  7. Thanks for replying Johnnie. Is there a specific file you want to see? The Diagnostic output includes much more information than I feel comfortable sharing publicly (such as details of VM's, port mappings, ip addresses, docker processes and so on).
  8. Hi there, I'm using unRaid 6.4.1, with a Pro license, 1 parity drive, 10 data drives and a cache drive. Recently I replaced a 4TB parity with an 8TB, which worked perfectly. Procedure I used was to remove the old drive, plug in the new one and chose the new parity and let it rebuild parity. I wanted to use the old parity drive to replace an old 1TB data disk. So after the parity rebuild completed I shut down the array again, removed the 1TB data drive and plugged in the old 4TB. I did not run pre-clear on it. When unraid started up it said the 1TB was missin
  9. That could also explain why mine are working. I'm using a static IP configuration on unRaid.
  10. I'm also using pfSense (on dedicated, bare-metal) as my default gateway and DNS server, and my dockers are all working. I'm even using a few of Sparkly's dockers, and I've not run into DNS issues with any of them. They are all set to auto-start and my server restarts at least twice a week due to constant power cuts in my country.
  11. Yup, I see that the direction and the delete keys indeed aren't working. I pinged hurricane about it since he develops and maintains the dockergui base. Great, thanks aptalca.
  12. Hi Aptalca. Your Calibre-RDP container is great, just finished moving my whole library onto it. I did have a bit of trouble in the beginning because I didn't read the documentation properly . I assumed that the /config was for config only, so I configured the mappings as such: - /config mapped to /mnt/cache/appdata/calibre/config - /books mapped to /mnt/user/Books/Calibre (a new empty directory) - /downloads mapped to /mnt/user/Downloads (a place where I can place books to import from) and when the wizard popped up and asked me where to create the library, I chose /book
  13. Thanks Jon. Is there more information about what the DNS issue is? I don't seem to have any issues with my docker containers (currently on RC3), so just curious what the issue is and if it might show up for me when I do upgrade to RC4.
  14. I'm using TurboVNC (a fork of TigerVNC, which is a fork of TightVNC, which is a fork of RealVNC!) on Windows 8, and it works without any issues. As mentioned by itimpi, check your port. I use port 5900, not 5700 to connect. The VNC Server I specify in TurboVNC for my first VM is "tower:5900", second one is "tower:5901", etc. You should be able to see the VNC ports listed in the VMs tab of the unRAID WebGUI
  15. I would also like to see Pushbullet support