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  1. My server has been crashing at least once a day. On the screen it says kernel panic. I couldn't get a screenshot of it. It all started about a few days ago. I did not do any major changes to the server. Attached is the diagnostic of my server. Can you guys help take a look at what is going on?
  2. Actually. Transmission was fixed by deleting the appdata and resintall docker. OpenVPN-as still doesn't work. However, it does not show the certificate error anymore, instead I get the refuse to connect error like I was seeing for transmission.
  3. Deleting the appdata and reinstall the docker worked. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, I have been having different problems with my server so I decided to reinstall unraid but try to keep the array. The reinstallation went good. I still have my array but needed to reinstall dockers I had. For most of the dockers after resintall from Community Application, the content of the docker was restored automatically and all good. But for Transmission and OpenVPN-as, after resintallation of docker, I can't get into web interface anymore. Transmission says: This site can’t be reached refused to connect. OpenVPN-as says: Your
  5. Still can't figure out what the problem is. It not my network speed as I get same speed as WIFI The SATA cable was switched out as well. I would expect the read speed to be low for files that have not been copied before but writing to the cache drive should be as fast as the network speed, no? Please help. Thanks!
  6. Yes, the cache drive is a SSD. It's attached to motherboard port. I will install the CA trim and try.
  7. I tried copying a movie file over ethernet connection from Windows and MAC... It's just super weird it was working fine up until a week ago. Tried to switch SATA cable didn't make a difference.
  8. I have a 240GB cache drive on my unraid server. I have been getting the maximum writting and reading speed from the server limited by only the Gbit network speed. I think aorund 110Mbps. However recently, the speed dropped way down to 40ish Mbps. It almost seem like the cache drive is no longer working. I checked the cache drive it has no error and I re-formatted the cache drive as well. No change. Any idea where to go next for troubleshooting? Thanks.
  9. What would happen to the installed dockers? Will I need to reinstall them and configure them from scratch?
  10. To start a unraid from scratch, is there a way to do so without affecting the data on my disks? I have no idea how to approach this. Thanks.
  11. Thank you for the explanation. Here's what I got from the grep command: grep: /boot/config/passwd: No such file or directory /etc/passwd:_kadmin_admin:*:218:-2:Kerberos Admin Service:/var/empty:/usr/bin/false /etc/passwd:_kadmin_changepw:*:219:-2:Kerberos Change Password Service:/var/empty:/usr/bin/false /etc/passwd:_krb_kadmin:*:231:-2:Open Directory Kerberos Admin Service:/var/empty:/usr/bin/false grep: /boot/config/shadow: No such file or directory grep: /etc/shadow: No such file or directory Doesn't look good I guess right? So the next question is how would I restart fr
  12. So I have a VM setup and everything is working except that in the VM setting, it won't let me change network bridge mode to bridge. I've already enabled allow bridging in network configuration for the server. Thanks
  13. Sorry, can you provide a little more explanation for this? Like how is it there's an adm account left there for default and the commands you provided. When I typed those in it says there is no such file or direcotry.
  14. So I have closed SSH port 22 on my router. Seems like the spamming stopped but do I need to worry about the box been compromised any other way? Also, If I would like to get Plex working over internet. What's the proper and secure way of doing that? Thanks for all the help.
  15. Interesting, how did you see those connections? I guess it is kinda facing the internet because of the forwarded port for transmission and plex and SSH. How would I find out where the spam bot is and get rid of it?