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  1. Hi Unraid Community, Recently I restarted my UNRAID server and after restarting I was hit with a "Reset your modem / router or try again later, or set your to and Also make sure that you have a Gateway address set up (Your Router's IP address). Additionally, this may also mean that GitHub is currently down. This error means that you may not be able to update your OS or plugins" error. I restarted my router but that did not prove to help anything. I did not change anything at all before starting besides remove a container. I believe it is possible it has to do with the routes. After some digging it seems that it is possible that unraid deletes routes on restart? I am desperate to understand why this has been happening. I can provide diagnostics if possible, but I've attached a screenshot of my routing table in unraid below. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks
  2. @ljm42 I checked a wrong box when I was forwarding the port.. smh... all working.
  3. @ljm42 I have attached some screenshots that show what we are talking about. 1. Active Connection on Phone 2. Connection timed out when I tried to reach the unraid server. 3. Settings for WireGuard 4. Dashboard VPN module
  4. It says handshake not received on the dashboard, andon my phone it connects and doesn't throw any errors. That has been my go to this far
  5. I am setting it up on an iPhone, I scan the QR code, the tunnel, and switch it on. When trying to connect to anything on my network by ip it won't connect. You are completely right, I didn't know that. Now I do. Thanks
  6. Hi All, Love the guide, I'n having a little issue getting it setup. I read through all the troubleshooting and all the replies so far. I forwarded the port, and confirmed with ipfingerprints tool ( ). Duckdns and openvpn are running in a docker container and are both working properly. The tunnel is active. Should I change the local tunnel network pool / address? I tried changing peer allowed ips to still no luck. Just checked on the dashboard and it says handshake not received.
  7. I was actually just watching space invader hes the best. Thanks for the link.
  8. I have some shares right now that exist /share1 /share2 /share3 I would like to reorganize the shares the right way /data/share1 /data/share2 /data/share3 So I would have to create a /data share and migrate share1-3 there, I just am not sure how to do that with unraid. Thanks in advance.
  9. Changed the settings in bios from Forced-FFD to Auto for USB and it finally booted. Thought i started out with auto.. oh well. Im happy.
  10. I have both plugged in. It goes through the normal flash screen, then installs my boot ROM. Next step on the working USB is that it boots unraid. Now it just goes to a black screen with a flashing cursor.
  11. Im not sure what it is booting to. I have tried different USB's, both were purchased not given. Both have been reformatted. Checked for other partitions etc... nothing there.
  12. Sorry for the delayed response, I was away on vacation. I can't seem to get this USB to boot even to a fresh install. Maybe the USB is bad? It still boots to a blank screen with a flashing cursor.
  13. Yes, same exact slot my previous USB drive was connected too.
  14. Hi all, I recently had to change USB devices because my previous one is hanging on by a thread. After getting my license switched over I can not get this USB to boot unraid. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Some details. 16GB Lexar USB, Created from a backup of my current on downloaded via the web client. USB is formatted and written with the backup made via the unraid USB creator I've been through the BIOS and made sure its trying to boot to that device. I've selected the boot manager and then selected the device, only boots to a screen with a blinking cursor.