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  1. Ok, perfect, then no worries Where can I read up on upcoming features? (just used unraid for a month or two so still trying to figure some stuff out / setting things up)
  2. Look at the names in the 2nd screenshot, it has a lot of the dyndns service (dyndns_home, dyndns_home-root, dyndns_hostname, dyndns_unifi) all 2 times (atleast in view in that screenshot) where there first screenshot of the docker ui only shows 1 of each. The plugin list is also (as you can tell from the scrollbar on it) a lot longer, it has multiple pages of old swarm containers that has been removed from the unraid host (through a userscript which removes unused swarm containers), all those are gone from the unraid ui but show up in the plugin ui.
  3. Hi. I have the unraid docker added to a docker swarm and for some reason this plugin (CA docker autostart) lists all versions of each container even after they are removed from the "normal" unraid docker ui (and also don't show up using 'docker ps' in the terminal). Any idea how to either manually remove them or what can be done to exclude them? Screenshot of of all my docker containers currently Screenshot of the docker autostart manager list