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  1. Is this still being updated and supported? I am also wondering how to upgrade. The dockerhub link is dead. If it is no longer supported is there a safe way to migrate to the official docker or do we need to rebuild from scratch?
  2. I updated via the GUI and now i get gateway 504 error. Anyone know how to fix...it was a 20.x version to a higher 20.x version. It seemed to fail during upgrade but let me continue when i refreshed it. Guessing that was a bad idea.
  3. I was running the linuxserver docker before successfully, but decided to give the official docker a try. I installed it and connected it to a mariadb docker and everything went fine. After setup was complete and i logged into the GUI it was horrendously slow. Is there anything I need to do out of the box to get the GUI to be faster? For example, if i click the file's menu or like settings it can take up to like 2 min to load. With the linuxserver docker everything was fast. Any ideas? Even logging into it can take 1-2 min.