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  1. omg i used all night yestday to get it working and somehow i most have missed all about the PlopKexec. I followed your guide and it took me no time to install it. I thank you very much for your time
  2. Can you tell me how you installed the 6.7.x version? I installed the latest 6.7.2 on my flash drive. But i think somehow the downloaded files from the first page overruled the usb.
  3. Hello guys i just installed unraid 6.2.3 on a IBM X3550 M4 server with Esxi 6.5U2. I used the method with making a fresh unraid usb key plugged it into the server and created a unraid vm in esxi. I then attached the downloaded vmdk i downloaded from the link from the first page and attached it to the vm as a hdd. I then booted up the vm and got a trail key but now im running into other problems with installing CA. Now im trying to install Community Application but i get an error that Unraid version is too low. require at least version 6.4.0. How do you guys install CA?
  4. Im thinking of have i done it all wrong. Should i have asked the guy from Hetzner to just make a 16 GB usb drive. If that is possible i could install the unraid software to the usbdrive by myself and make it bootable.
  5. Yes i thought they could that that but after i send it and contacted them because now nothing was working. They told me they could not make it bootable. somehow i need to do that by myself. I have installed a version of unbuntu now and i can see the usbdrive. But it is not showing up as a usbdrive on the desktop. It looks more like a cdrom or something. So now im really confused. When i try to run the command "sudo bash" and copy the file from where i unzipped it to the terminal. it is now saying "FAIL There appears to be no drive present with the label UNRAID, aborting" It was not called UNRAID from the beginning. I have changed the display name but it is still not working.
  6. Hello i did create the usbdrive locally but i cant make it bootable from here. i then put it in google drive so the staff at hetzner could grap it. But he has burn it to a usb i think and now its not bootable.
  7. Hello Can anyone link or guide me though how to make a usbdrive for my newly rented Hetzner server. Im used to unraid on my local server. But now i wanna move it all to my new server. I have unziped all the files i downloaded from unraid.net. made a iso file which i have got hetzner to mount. But now in my kvm-consol i cant boot the server anymore because the usbdrive i believe is not bootable yet. I dont know what to do now, and hetzner cant help me anymore. Sincerly Joachim
  8. Hello is there any tutorial how to install this?