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  1. To begin with apologies I'm a software dev/apps guy, a lot of this sort of thing is dark magic to me! I've been trying to create a CentOS 6 VM on my UnRAID box to match my production CentOS environment, however it hasn't been playing ball with networking. The first environment I created (minimal iso), I could see eth-0 on ifconfig -a, however there was no config file. I manually created a config file, but no luck, after running reboot, network service restart, ifconfig still just returned 'lo' I have a public bridge (no idea if that's working), screen print of settings attached. I have now tried with a netinstall ISO and am presented with this screen for me to select a device driver. I had a look but the QEMU one mentioned n other posts to do with drivers, but it's not present. Is this a common problem with CentOS? Is it a hardware problem? Any help greatly appreciated