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  1. Woot problem solved! Looks like it's a problem of the cables. Still not sure how to verify if they're forward or reverse but tried a bunch of other cables and it works! Thank you for the help!
  2. Yes the HDDs are SATA, does this mean I should connect to the SATA ports on the backplane? I didn't know there's a forward/reverse type of cables, I'll check on that.
  3. Hi - I'm fairly new to UnRaid and NAS hardware so this might seem like a rudimentary question, but I'm having trouble connecting drives to UnRaid via a HBA controllers. I'm using a DS380 case with a SAS/SATA backplane (which theoretically shouldn't matter?) I purchased a LSI 9211-8i already flashed to IT mode, and I was able verify it's indeed in IT mode via the LSI configuration utility, as shown in picture attached: However, whether it's through BIO or UnRaid, I wasn't able to detect the hard drives connected to it at all. I've always tried switching between SAS/SATA connectors on the back plane, or connecting directly to HDD but to no prevail. Am I missing something? A setting/step/configuration? Am I supposed to use the SAS or SATA connectors on the back-plane? Apologies for what might be basic questions, thanks everyone for the help! Kevin
  4. Yes! OMG it was my boot setting the whole time! a "Windows 8.1/10 WHQL Support" was the culprit, I turned it off and it works! I think disabling that setting turned on Legacy boot, prob was only UEFI boot before. The MB bios wasnt very clear so was somewhat confusing. Thanks everyone for the help!
  5. Oh that is perfect, very convenient. Will do that thanks! And thanks Johnnie, I'll try that!
  6. I see the boot menu and everything, including the hundreds of lines of codes of the server booting up. The server boots successfully and server is up and running no problem, I just don't have a GUI output from the baremetal machine after it boots. The "Flashing Underscore" happens and stays like that after the server boots. My MB and CPU combo (MSI H110i Pro & i7 6700K) contains an iGPU and I'm using an HDMI output from the MB, so the problem is not there (or else I wouldn't be able to see the boot menu at all) Ah I see, makes sense. If I access the internet via a Windows 10 VM through the server it should be fine right? Since windows contains firewall & defender and other protection features.
  7. Yes I know I should be, but I can't and that's why I'm trying to find out why. I'm unaware that there's a Unassigned Devices thread (can't find it). If there is admin please move me there. Attached my diagnostic s - homeserver-diagnostics-20180817-1305.zip Thanks
  8. Thanks for the response! My problem is that I simply could not access boot into the console GUI mode using the server machine. Let's say I don't have another computer to access the GUI via network, and I just want to access the server and make changes via the server machine itself, is that supposed to be possible? What do I do with that "flashing underscore" on my monitor? (attached photo) I am aware of the requirements for VM, I dont have a problem on that yet. But you mentioned that It's a security risk to access the internet via console GUI, could you elaborate on that? Even if I access internet via a VM using console GUI? Thanks for your help!
  9. Hi I'm new to unRAID and new to the forum, I'm just beginning to explore the possibilities of unRAID and it's very exciting! However just encountering a few small bugs that I'm not sure how to get past. A problem I'm having is that I'm unable to write to my unassigned devices that're formatted as NTFS. They're just USB Hard Drives I wish to mount separately from my array. I'm able to read from it no problem, but writing and deleting files on the drives via network shares or Krusader proves that I lack the write permission. I tried searching and seems that there's a "ntfs-3g" driver thing? That was a really old post and config seems quite complex. Please let me know how I should diagnose this. Appreciate the help! unRAID OS version 6.5.3.
  10. Hi I'm new to unRAID and new to the forum, I'm just beginning to explore the possibilities of unRAID and it's very exciting! However just encountering a few small bugs that I'm not sure how to get past. To start off I'm unable to boot into GUI mode with the monitor connected to the server, it just shows a flashing underscore on the top left of the screen. I am however able to access the webUI via another computer on the network and the server runs just fine. I do wish to use Windows VM with a monitor on the unRAID server with the monitor connected to it, and I know it's possible to boot into GUI mode to do that. Is there a config I'm missing? What diagnostic should I provide. Appreciate the help, thanks! unRAID OS version 6.5.3