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  1. I love everything about Unraid, but mainly the reliability and community support. Unraid has everything I need, as community applications and support exists!
  2. @ken-ji Thanks for the reply Ken. Could I get you to elaborate slightly? "Docker networking will not allow more than one interface on the same subnet." Do you mean that within a single subnet (eg you can only use a single NIC (eg Eth0) for all the dockers within that same subnet? If so, what can be done to mitigate the potential for contention where multiple dockers and/or services are being pushed through a single ethernet port? I've seen many posts about running media servers through Docker as the 'ideal' scenario (and I tend to agree from my read
  3. Update: Many thanks to another super helpful SpaceInvader video - I have successfully split the 4 NIC's from the PCIe card into 4 individual IOMMU groups using the 'pcie_acs_override=downstream' config line. Now I've just got to figure out how to assign each VM/docker image a dedicated NIC.
  4. (Using UnRaid 6.5.3) Hey everyone, I've been doing lots of reading, but I'm still not confident on what I need to do, or if it's even possible... I have just finished setting up an UnRaid server, following SpaceInvader's YouTube guides. I'm at the point now though, where I'm splitting off from the guide and could really use some help. In my physical server, I have 6 NIC's. 2x are on the motherboard 4x are attached via an intel PCIe add-in card. I can see that the 2x mobo NIC's are joined into IOMMU group (Group 13), and the 4x PCIe NIC's are joined