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  1. I know which disk is the Parity, its the only 3TB in the rig. So, how would i go about this? Get a new flash drive, assign all the data disks, assign the parity and run a parity check?
  2. Cheers. I've been thinking about this. Is it possible to start a new array and bring these drives into it to copy the data into it?
  3. cheers buddy. I wasn't sure if i could just drop a new key in. Seemed to remember having to do something with the GUID.
  4. I was changing into a new case and managed to physically damage my flash drive. The drives are all OK and plugged in in the same order (I think). I think I'm using v6.4 but not 100% sure. What do I need to do to get it back online? I've been away from the forum for some time as the Unraid has just been chugging away happily for 2yrs+ with out incident. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks. Sam
  5. Is there a udp, tcp or http command that will sleep an Unraid on v6? Wanting my home automation system to sleep the box while my alarm is full set. Thanks in advance.
  6. Awesome, thanks for the pointer.
  7. Is snap available as a docker? or something similar to mount an external hard drive to unraid? cheers.
  8. Thanks for your help peeps, sorted it. Network problem.
  9. yeah, sorry forgot that bit. Add them to the library and comes back with "The library has no content yet. Click here to add content to the library". They do have content. Movies ~980 files, MKV ~100 files.
  10. Am I being a tard? So I have Plex installed with docker. I have the containers set up as such:- container volume - /Movies, Path - /mnt/user/Movies container volume - /MKV Movies, Path - /mnt/user/MKV Movies Go to plex and nothing in the library. What am I missing?
  11. Just a quickie, Can I use a reverse breakout cable across 2 cards? (eg a 4 way breakout cable with 2 ports coming from one card, 2 from another) I just don't want to fry anything. Sam
  12. Yeah, was meant to say 9 on each side. Total of 18. Thanks for pointing it out.
  13. That's exactly what I did. It seems like all is well now. Going to get me a new usb to be safe.
  14. i hope you mean you just lost your unraid config and not your data? i have just spent a lot of time and money recovering from a significant data loss and cant do it again. what do i have to do if my drive is knackered? just get a new flash and install? what do i do about the licencing?
  15. I download PMS from the Plex website, copied it to boot/extra, installed the package using installpkg /boot/extra/PlexMediaServer-*-unRAID.txz. The server was still online at this point. Then I went to copy the plex updater from my desktop to /boot/config/plugins but when I went to \\tower\flash there was nothing there just an empty drive. I shut the sever down via the webgui, pulled the usb and stuck it in my laptop. Windows said there is a problem with your drive do you want to scan. I clicked no and went to the usb via windows explorer and every thing is present. BUT the server won't boot.