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  1. I'm surprised no one has an answer to this issue. I guess not that many use ssh on unraid. This is a problem with only unraid and I am also searching for a solution. Ignore the guy above who is fixated on putty. That will not resolve this issue witch is an unraid terminal issue only. It is server side.
  2. This is the exact problem I have when I ssh into unraid from a screen session on another machine. I do not use or even have installed the screen version in nerdpack. Any idea how to fix this for unraid in general? Just type the following in the terminal to fix it. "export TERM=xterm"
  3. Try it and find out. It will probably work just fine. I'm thinking of trying it myself just to have a "backup" folder I can send snapshots from my other systems to (using send/receive).
  4. Interesting because I logged in yesterday and it was the same it has always been for the past year. I triggered a build just as I had always done, then later in the day I kept getting Server error 503 and nothing would come up. I log in again today and everything was in this new layout and I could not find any place to trigger a build. My github was no longer linked to my account. I had to re-link it, then create new repos for each docker on github (I had them all under one repository before but didn't see how to use it this way again). And then when I finally found how to trigger a build I found I had to select a build location? Weird.
  5. I just logged into the docker website and found that it has been completely changed. It lost my github link (had to re-link) and apparently all my build settings too. There was a link at the top to switch back to "classic ui" but that is hilariously not the classic ui that I was used to. Are they complete idiots? Or are they messing with us? Oh well, it looks like I will have to set up my builds all over again.
  6. Recent versions of syncthing use an outside relay service to break through NAT without the need to port forward. My understanding is this is slower though.
  7. Btrfs has some really nice features, but most are not utilized by unraid. Really, at this time the only reason to use btrfs on unraid is for the scrub capability. Scrub will read all data and verify checksums which will tell you whether you have any bit rot or not. But keep in mind btrfs is fairly untested in certain edge cases as it is a new filesystem. It has been known to fail quite spectacularly in certain situations. (All my disks are btrfs)
  8. Looks like your docker image was forced read-only due to errors. When you restarted the docker service it was likely remounted read-write again and "fixed" your issue. I would either run a btrfs check on the docker image, or just recreate it from scratch to make sure it doesn't still have issues (it probably does).
  9. The syncthing docker has been updated to include the discovery and relay servers. They are disabled by default to ensure the syncthing docker remains a standard syncthing instance as before. To enable them, see the environment variables under the advanced section. While this docker should auto-update just fine, you will probably need to delete it and re-install it in order to make use of the new options from the template. Just make a note (or screenshot) of the "Update container" page with your current settings, delete the container, then re-install it with your same settings/mount mappings in addition to any use of the new features. Syncthing will continue to work as before as long as it has access to the same config folder and data locations.
  10. I don't think unraid utilizes any of btrfs' snapshotting features at all. It wouldn't surprise me if unraid mounted the root volume instead of creating a subvolume on the filesystem for the mount. Running "btrfs subvolume list -p ." on my unraid btrfs disks does not return anything. Hopefully someday it can be expanded to use snapshotting so we can have features like "shadowcopy" and previous versions of files. But now? Nope.
  11. Yes it is "normal" for this docker container. Or at least it was. I ended up giving up on this and removing it due to this problem a while ago. I mainly use syncthing for all my file sync stuff anyway.
  12. I have been busy and haven't had time to do this (wife pregnant with twins), but it is planned. Syncthing docker has been rebuilt with 0.12.2. The web gui would not update it on my system so I rebuilt the docker image. Just update the docker from the unraid interface. This is a major update that is not compatible with the 0.11.x releases so you will want to update all of your systems to the 0.12 release at the same time.
  13. JDownloader2 looks interesting so I tried it out. But you can't paste anything in to it so I am trying to figure out what the point of this docker is. Is there some trick I am not aware of?
  14. If you are worried about it, just turn off the server while you are away.
  15. The Max installable memory should not even be displayed if it comes from what the manufacturer put. That is never right. I imagine in most cases a larger size of ram has been introduced after the manufacturer set that number, or they just put the largest size they tested. In my few system builds that I tried larger amounts of ram than the manufacturer listed, it always worked just fine. So to sum up, that field is almost never correct so why even use it? If something is incorrect more than 50% of the time, and this definitely is, I would not want to use or see it.