unRAID Server Release 6.0.0-x86_64 Available

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Clicking 'Check for Updates' on the Plugins page is the preferred way to upgrade.


Well here it is, 'stable' at last.


First thanks to all who participated in the twitter chat today!  A few rough edges but I think this has big potential.


There are a few "cosmetic" changes in the webGui, with more to come in subsequent releases.


The other change in here is to initialize the docker "template-repos" file (if it doesn't already exist) with the URL of the official LimeTech docker template github repo.  More to come with this as well...


Please also visit our latest blog post on the subject:





Version 6.0.0
- docker: set default template repo
- webGui: other cosmetic changes


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if you click on the download link for the .zip file you get this error


<Error><Code>AccessDenied</Code><Message>Access Denied</Message><RequestId>F0B84267EB1E5AC1</RequestId><HostId>W4ADq/Wf5J6PU8aJn+3Okwtx89itJmO01o2TtHhUMiDAAklvHm8herrJChPv0s2xqOmIi6L1+tQ=</HostId></Error>

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Small error.  It's already been fixed.  For those that have already clicked "Check for Updates" you have two options:


1 - Reboot your server

2 - SSH / Telnet into your server and remove this file from your /tmp/plugins directory:




Either way, when done, just click "Check for Updates" again on the Plugins page and download the update!


Sorry guys, just a small error from working so late into the evening ;-)

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Sorry to be that guy, but how do I remove this surfing banner at the top?


Settings/Display Settings/Show Banner Image set to No for no San Diego banner  :(


Edit: one reason we have that banner is so that you can have different banners set for different unRaid servers on your network.  Why have more than one server?  Good question.........................

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