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  1. I have updated to rc5 without any issues at all so far. Thank you
  2. Make sure you have "Completed Download Handling" enabled in Settings -> Download Client Tab
  3. Go to Dockers and turn on advanced view and you should see the cpu load of each running docker
  4. Updated with no noticeable problems so far
  5. Yes, it wll put each into the correct folder when it is automatically processing the file. When you are doing manually I think it should already know the path, but I have not had to do a manual import in a long time so I am not 100% sure on that one
  6. You dont need to run 2 instances, just map your movies folder and kids_movies so do something like this in your docker setup ( depending on how your shares are setup ) /movies -> /mnt/user/movies /kids_movies -> /mnt/user/kids_movies Then in Radarr add a movie and in the path dropdown when your adding kids movies you would choose kids_movies and other movies you would choose movies If you do not see movies or kids_movies in the dropdown then choose the select different path option and click the folder button to search for path and find the movies or kids_movies path
  7. @tman12 the AHD file you are looking for will be within the docker container itself. Personally I use the linuxserver jacket docker and have configured all the different sites i use in that. But i have not had any problems with this type issue ( although I do not use AHD )
  8. This sounds like something with Radarr itself and would not have anything to do with the docker itself. I would post a bug report at https://github.com/Radarr/Radarr/issues
  9. No problem at all Jackett is what I use also
  10. You could use Jackett or Cardigann dockers for indexers
  11. I ran into this problem when I first installed radarr. The issue is the mapping for downloads. Add ( or change ) the container mount point from downloads to downloaded. radarr is looking for a directory named downloaded not downloads. what i did was just add a new path variable in the docker template and mapped /downloaded to the download directory for deluge
  12. Yah, that is the one drawback to updating from within radarr, when you restart or update the docker it defaults to the version in the docker file. I just remind myself to go update it in radarr if I update the container ( or restart the server )
  13. You can update from within radarr. Goto System -> Updates and update to the latest version.
  14. use the --progress switch in your rsync command will give you an idea of how many files are left to transfer like this rsync -avh --progress /mnt/user/PlexData/ root@