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  1. I just restarted mine again and it is finally fully connected and working
  2. I wonder if it is just a wireguard issue. I am going to try using ovpn and see what happens
  3. You DO NOT need to purchase a new license. Upgrades are FREE.
  4. Just double checking that you added the following in the docker setup --runtime=nvidia I looked at all your screenshots and I do not see this setting in any of them. Switch the template to advanced mode and make sure --runtime=nvidia is in the extra parameters If you could post the docker run command that could also help
  5. Also in plex settings make sure Use hardware acceleration when available is checked
  6. You have the variable NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES set incorrectly. It should be the GPU UUID and NOT set to all read #3 in the How to Utilise the GPU in Emby, Jellyfin or Plex Docker Containers section of the following post
  7. After completely restarting from scratch I figured out what I was doing wrong. Instead of selecting latest for the nvidia driver I had to put the version of the beta driver 450.51 Successfully built and my GPU is finally entering power state p8 instead of being stuck in p0 all the time
  8. Yah, let me start from scratch. I know it is something I am doing wrong LOL
  9. I guess I am just having trouble figuring out where to put the .run file to make the build process use it
  10. Could you tell me how you were able to use the 4.50.51 driver? I have been trying to figure it out for a while now and am definitely doing something wrong.
  11. I would probably NOT try to do 7 encodes at the same time with a quad core CPU. The CPU will still need to be used for some things. I would start at like 2 or 3 encodes at the same time and adjust from there.
  12. Works perfect for my nvidia custom build Thank you
  13. Just built out 6.9 beta 1 on my system and it worked perfectly. THANK YOU
  14. Awesome If you don't mind, could you tell me what custom variables are needed to use beta/rc's that would be great so I could just build out a new version when the next beta/rc is released Thank you for your time and effort put into this
  15. Do not worry about it for me, It was more of a question than a request. Go do family time
  16. No hurry at all Family time comes first in my book!
  17. Can we build nvidia with the latest beta 6.9.0-beta1? or is this only for stable unraid builds?
  18. if you look at the end of the docker error line device error: unknown device id: GPU-de8ab77e-8fff-db12-f93d-ebe991944a85\\n\ \\n\ is what is causing your issue
  19. Very well said. If people are in such a rush, do the research and figure out how to do it yourself. I truly appreciate all the work that goes into this and the time these individuals take away from "life" to do this. Instead of complaining, try thanking them for this.
  20. I have updated to rc5 without any issues at all so far. Thank you
  21. Make sure you have "Completed Download Handling" enabled in Settings -> Download Client Tab
  22. Go to Dockers and turn on advanced view and you should see the cpu load of each running docker