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  1. This workaround does not seem to work on my Windows VM running on 6.8.0-rc1 - anybody else having this issue or is it just me? I ended up passing a whole USB controller and everything is back up and running.
  2. Within hours of the video being posted one of my HDD's failed and of course I only have a larger than parity spare handy. Thanks and "thanks" 😉 Ed.
  3. Thanks, luckily I had a one week old backup for the data stored on the cache drive - up and running now.
  4. This morning I decided to remove two drives from my cache pool. The cache pool consisted of 1Tb+500Gb+500Gb drives for a total of 1Tb. As a result of removing the two 500Gb drives the 1Tb is now un-mountable. Is there any option to recover data from the 1Tb or the two 500Gb drives? Reading the forums -after the fact- only one drive can be removed from the pool at a time and then rebalance before removing the second. I will try to put the two 500Gb back but in case this doesn't work I wanted to see if there are any options. Thank you.
  5. Still getting a conversion "error", video is playing very narrow in VLC, if I go and manually adjust the aspect ratio in the VLC video settings to 16:9 then the images fills the VLC window as expected. Thanks for this app!
  6. For some reason my quad Intel NIC does not have wol_magic enabeled by default. After fighting with the /etc/rc.conf.local or /usr/local/etc/rc.d script not executing at boot I figured out that in order to enable wol_magic on a quad intel nic on my hardware pfsense box I had to add the following to the Services->Shellcmd->Command: ifconfig igb1 wol_magic (replace igb1 with the NIC interface that you want to use to wake up the hardware pfsense box - hint it should be the LAN one) , Shellcmd Type: shellcmd Shellcmd is a package that can be installed using the Package Manager - compared with the /etc/rc.conf.local method this way the command is saved in the config.xml file for backup/restore purposes.
  7. If you are sure that the parity is OK you could do that. Much safer would be to: 1. make a note of the parity drive or better off just disconnect the parity drive 2. go to Tools-> new config -> apply 3. go back to Main tab and add the two drives as disk1 and disk2 4. start the array If everything is OK and you can access all the data stop the machine and add the parity drive - no parity rebuild is reqired, if not then you might have mixed up the data with the parity drive.
  8. Please ignore my initial message or learn from this .... Error message below is for linuxserver unifi container (linuxserver/unifi:unstable) and not the linuxserve unifi-controller container (linuxserver/unifi-controller:latest). Migrating from unifi docker to unifi-controller docker was easy: 1. within the old controller Settings->Maintenance->Download backup 2. shutdown linuxserver/unifi:unstable 3. install the linuxserver/unifi-controller:5.9 4. after launching the new container restore from backup 5. stop container and change from linuxserver/unifi-controller:5.9 to linuxserver/unifi-controller:latest 6. done + facepalm! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Swiched from unstable to latest with error message: "We do not support upgrading from 5.9.29."
  9. soana


    I found this free remote login service from https://www.dwservice.net Does anybody use it ? Is it safe?
  10. Same issue here. The client_max_body_size is located in the /appdata/letsencrypt/nginx/nginx.conf file but the value is set to zero that means no size limit. I did set the value to 10G and the same in the nexcloud GUI but still getting the 413 error. More info
  11. Thanks for the awesome videos, also appreciated are the buying tips, found a quad intel nic on ebay for $20 (best offer)
  12. Thanks for the "glove" John! The cables did not seem to have an influence so I moved to reformatting the cache drive, after about 10 hours of file transferring I'm back in business. Plex folder is a monster took me hours to transfer back and forth.
  13. After a reboot today of the server I got the message above. Cache drive seems to be only half full based on the report on the Main tab. Error message: Nov 28 17:54:51 Tower kernel: BTRFS error (device sdg1): parent transid verify failed on 495321088 wanted 1852238 found 1852237 Nov 28 17:54:51 Tower kernel: BTRFS: error (device sdg1) in __btrfs_free_extent:6989: errno=-5 IO failure Nov 28 17:54:51 Tower kernel: BTRFS info (device sdg1): forced readonly Nov 28 17:54:51 Tower kernel: BTRFS: error (device sdg1) in btrfs_run_delayed_refs:3009: errno=-5 IO failure Nov 28 17:54:51 Tower shfs: error: shfs_rename: Read-only file system (30): rename: /mnt/cache/appdata/plex/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Logs/PMS Plugin Logs/com.plexapp.agents.subzero.log.4 /mnt/cache/appdata/plex/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Logs/PMS Plugin Logs/com.plexapp.agents.subzero.log.5 Nov 28 17:54:51 Tower kernel: BTRFS error (device sdg1): pending csums is 217088 Making a copy of the cache drive right now and will try next: 1. reset the cache drive cables 2. reformat the cache drive if above fails. tower-diagnostics-20171128-1822.zip