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  1. Turn off HDR tone mapping or HDR content will not hardware transcode. If you want to get it to work, there is also a driver fix/script out there you can run but it’ll undo itself every time Plex updates. I can’t remember where I got the script but search for it and you should probably find it.
  2. Updated to 6.9.2 and the first thing that happened after boot up is Fix Common Problems flagged a critical error and when I go to the page it just has this... Machine Check Events detected on your serverYour server has detected hardware errors. You should install mcelog via the NerdPack plugin, post your diagnostics and ask for assistance on the unRaid forums. The output of mcelog (if installed) has been logged I cannot find any indication of an error anywhere and everything seems to be working fine... but I'll do what I'm told and post diagnostics here. I did install t
  3. Worked for me! Hopefully they can bake it into the container soon
  4. Wonder when this will be baked into the container? Should be easy to incorporate and publish
  5. I posted on the Plex forum and gave them debug. They said it’s a known issue on newer Intel CPU and there is an experimental build available to testing. I’m not confident enough to go mucking around so not testing but at least it’s good to know they’re working it out
  6. Thanks, craigr I have 6.9 beta and no I did not have to change anything Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I’m not so sure this is general support. I just rebuilt my cache after initially going to 6.9 a couple months back to get the new benefits. All I use the cache for is Docker/Libvirt images, a windows 10 VM C drive image and appdata. I also use it to speed up processing of downloaded content to the array. would it be normal that the file system would die after such a short period of time?
  8. I'll throw my 2 cents in here too, having same issue since the latest update that includes the tone mapping. If it's enabled, no hw transcode for anything 4K HDR. I have an Intel 9900K CPU and am using the linuxserver docker container. Hopefully someone finds a fix! I posted in the Plex forum too. For now I've turned off the feature.
  9. Also seeing this problem on my end, 4K HDR hw transcode just stopped working. Please let me know if someone finds a fix!
  10. Been on 6.9 since beta 30 and today I started having cache drive errors repeatedly and going into read only mode. When I upgraded to 6.9 I changed to the different partition format for SSDs and rebuilt my cache. I have 2 Samsung 960 Pro 512GB in the cache and they both have about 120TBW, rated for 500GB. I was in the middle of using my Windows 10 VM to play a game when the VM locked up, then I tried to navigate around the Unraid GUI and found that also to be giving me problems. I ended up triggering a reboot from the web GUI and it had to force shut down and restart. After rebo
  11. @jonp I have 32GB installed and 16GB allocated to the VM. When my VM is running I typically have 40% system memory free. The btfrs balance you see may have been me doing things because I changed my cache to the new format and my docker image to xfs after doing beta 30 from 6.8.3.
  12. At the time, I was running a Core i7 8700K with an ASUS PRIME z370-a with latest BIOS. I haven't had to restart my VM from the Unraid console so this hasn't happened again. Usually I boot it after Unraid is up and it stays running all the time as my personal PC. I find it curious that we have the same manufacturer for the board. I did just upgrade to a 9900K the other day (good sale).
  13. I have the same issues, the Unraid GUI is 100% not optimized for mobile, it's horrendous on my iPhone and iPad using any browser.
  14. Does unraid support a RAID1 pool using XFS?