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  1. yes, this i understand, thank you for your reply. I am adding a blank 6tb to my array. This means for the first 4tb or so it will have the most space. Which is where the problem lies.
  2. Good Evening fellow Unraid friends, I am thinking of adding a 6tb new drive to my array. Currently running 2x3tb, 1x4tb. Running a 6tb parity and 240gb ssd cache My question is I run a media server in my house and do not wish the new data to be bogged onto one disk. We may have as many as 4 streams going inside the house all watching different content. However, I dont want the new media being lumped onto one as i imagine that would be the most likely to be watched. Is there a way to balance the data across all drives and then clean any fragmentation caused and or is this worth it?
  3. Additionally, I swapped the stock phanteks case fan and hyper 212 fans out for noctuas and dropped 12db on the overall sound coming from the server. Both measurements taken 6in above center of server case AVG before 45ish AVG after 33ish Ordered a CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD, to finally connect my server via UPS.
  4. Just got over some hurdles with my unraid server but here is the build. Dual Xeon 4650s Hyper 212 evo cooling 64gb ecc 1066 ddr3 ram (64gb more in reserve) ASRock EP2C602-4L/D16 mobo 2x 3TB HGST Deskstar 1x 4TB HGST Deskstar 1x 6TB Seagate IronWolf (Parity) 1x 250gb Crucial Mx500 (Cache) Phanteks Enthoo pro case Evga supernova 1000w gold standard San Disc usb drive Primary use is currently plex. Installing a VM as we speak to attempt to run a 7 days to die server for myself and some friends. Suggestions? I have the domains share set to Cache only as well for those wondering.
  5. Alrighty, so that totally worked just fine. Thank you Johnnie.Black for the grate insight.
  6. Currently 3% further than any previous attempt. ~8 hours left
  7. Current diagnostics after reboot and starting parity rebuild sephiroth-diagnostics-20190106-1219.zip
  8. Oh crap, thanks, I did not read that. I will switch them to the blue ports and post an update.
  9. Thanks for the reply sephiroth-diagnostics-20190105-2113.zip
  10. So now you have network connectivity? I ran into a similar issue and ended up stemming from an incorrect system time in the motherboard bios.
  11. I am going to try and form this long story into short story form. I upgraded my server to below specs: Dual Xeon 4650s Hyper 212 evo cooling 64gb ecc 1066 ddr3 ram ASRock EP2C602-4L/D16 mobo Phanteks Enthoo pro case Evga supernova 1000w gold standard usb drive Anyways, had network connection issues upon start. The classic eth0 interface is down. Worked on some solutions there by deleting network.conf file and such. Ended up being a bad system time on the motherboard. Unfortunately, in the process, and not thinking I erased my usb and lost my config for my server. I have done this before and rebooted fresh with 0 issues. The case is not so this time. My parity now refuses to sync with one of my Hdds in particular. I have tried swapping sata cables and booting the server up without the drive which causes the issue but when i add it back in my parity hits the 25% mark and begins failing after about 300 errors found on this drive. What information can i provide that can help diagnose the issue.
  12. Update: Swapped my USB back to 2.0 at the suggestion to do so. Swapped the cpu for a quad-core a8-5500 (Much better cpu overhead) Currently working to get the Mellanox sfp+ as NIC
  13. Thanks for the information. My BIOS is currently set to only use the USB as the boot, but you never know. 😀
  14. Well, given the issues, would i be able to shutdown my server and swap my usb back to USB2 with no errors finding the flash drive on there or affecting my install config?