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  1. I only can have a max of 4 drives rn and Cant upgrade much
  2. Hello, I have one 1tb WD drive as paraity and another for data plus two segate 500G drives. Any suggestions as I have no money to upgrade? Some are old with 4-5 hour runtime and 2 are around 1 year. Thankyou
  3. Hmmmm. Good Idea. Is there a plugin that could do that for me or is there an easy way to automate this? Is there maybe a different server OS that would work better for me. Thankyou again!
  4. What If I add a 1tb drive in spot of the 500G WD - I dont really have the bugget to upgrade or get new disks. If I did that how safe would my data be? I have my server on a UPS and it is setup to avoid a power outage that may cause corruption. Thankyou for your help!
  5. Hello, I currently have 4 sata ports in my old system. All in use, I need to remove one of the data drives and replace it for a parity for backup. I believe the highlighted disk is blank because it shows no files on it. I want to change that out to a 1TB disk for parity. How do I procede with this? TIA! (There is two images) Edit - What if I just get a SATA card for more ports?
  6. Yes. There is two items listed - the UEFI usb drive for just the usb drive. I have tried both. I have sleected in boot mode. How do I reimage without loosing my data
  7. I tried both. Not working, I got it to work on another MOBO. Transferring data and then giving freenas a shot. Thanks for the help
  8. I have tried both I think. which one should I use?
  9. Yes It works fine in other PC. I can boot to usb windows installer on server but not unraid
  10. I tried another computer and it works. I am booting from that flash drive and it does the same thing. I can boot to a windows install USB disk and it is in a usb2 port. What else can I try. This is a very odd issue
  11. I select my boot device using f11. Is that what you mean? Sorry, I am not that experienced.
  12. Hello unraid community. I can not get my unraid machine to boot. I only get a flashing white line in the top left. (See Picture) I can boot other OS's and everything in the computer seems to be working fine. Any help is very much welcome. Thankyou! Image