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  1. Hi sorry could you tell what NCQ is and where do i find thanks
  2. Ok so i have a update on the 2 Hard drives been having the problems with i spoke to WD and they gave me a program to test which has been running for last 3 days on both drives results below so i do not know what is wrong SATA card new cables new HDDs fine ??????
  3. ok thanks for help next question i have a extra SATA card which someone on here said get got new cables but what should i do from here on the 2 i have taken out going to run on windows 10 PC do some checks on the HDDs thanks for help again
  4. is this the page i need if so which option do i need so i do not lose any data on any of the other drives thanks
  5. i am still getting this error there is not files on them so i am not sure how to remove them safely if i shut down and then take out and restart says missing disk please help i am sorry i might sound thick but i am find some things hard thanks, the picture below shows one of the disk empty the other is the same thanks again
  6. The power supply in there is a corsair cx 650 which i do not know how old it is but seams to works fine no noises no cut out and if i decide to take them out of the unraid system i want to put into my windows 10 PC will i need to do anything or unmount from unraid or somthing thanks for help
  7. i think it is going up i dont know what happening the drives are good and cables are i am lost🤔 How do i remove the drives in a safe way so that windows 10 can read them or do i just take out cheers
  8. I have replaced the cables and the card is there a program i can repair and scan Hard drive to repair the CRC error thanks
  9. Hi ok so i have brought and added the new card and still get the same error
  10. Thanks i have just ordered it thanks for help
  11. do you knoiw where i can buy one i am in UK
  12. both of the hard drives are on this card below which i needed to get and some one on here recommanded to get sata card maybe the card is in there is rubbish if so what should i get please
  14. This is what i am getting thanks for help
  15. ok sorry but i have changed the cables but still getting the same error ??????