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  1. Hi tcochran! I have had the same issue with my Nvidia GPU, and I've just solved it. If you're familiar with SpaceinvaderOne videos, he's got a complete series of videos related to GPU Passthrough. You have to watch them as there's one (I can't recall which one) that provides a complete step-by-step guide on GPU Passthrough by dumping the vbios of the graphic card (specially one related to KVM, and vbios downloaded from TechPowerup website). Watch them all BEFORE start messing with your vbios just to avoid any big mistake with your graphic card. Hope this provides a little bit of light in your path...
  2. Hi guys! Finally yesterday I fixed the problem. When I was checking the USB to change the server name as Squid suggested, it started to behave "abnormally", I run a couple tests on the USB drive and it turned out to have bad sectors. Once repaired, I noticed there were some files missing, among them "ident.cfg". I replaced it with the one on the diagnostics file, and also, edited the server name. Now it has been working for 24 hours without any issue. I'll keep testing the machine to see if it's stable. Thanks again for your support, guys! ...next beer is on me
  3. Hi guys! Things turning bad to worst... now the server is not even posting... Start thinking of some hardware issue. Troubleshooting right now.... I'll let you know if any progress. Definetely I will try Squid suggestion (I should've thought about the name before typing it...). Thanks again for your help, very much appreciated!
  4. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I can't access it form my iMac. Chrome keeps saying "Connection Refused" (see first attachment)(sorry, it's in spanish...) But if I ping to it, it's alive (see second attachment). Indeed, I changed the name of the server from "Tower" to Mr.Mulse, and prior to play with the users I have restarted the server several times and it was working flawlesly... I don't know why now it's "in a bad mood..." Thanks again for the help, guys...
  5. Hi all! Apologies if this thread has already been discussed a zillion times, but after spending hours searching for this or a similar thread in the forums I haven't found anything that works for me. My problem is that I can't connect to my unraid server (Mr.Mulse) after creating some users (at least that's my assumption, I think I have messed up the access rights somehow, and I have been able to ban me from my own server... "LoL"). I've been playing this mornig with the server, creating shares, downloading plugins (btw, huge thanks to SpaceinvaderOne for the tutorials), and I have created additional users to play with (Multimedia user to connect using my appleTV, a guest user to allow my friends to connect to my server, and so on). After setting the user access control to my shares, I have rebooted the machine, and "voilá!" I cannot access it anymore. From my iMac, chrome says the connection is refused, and if I go to the server and use the GUI, I can logon using the root user with the password, but Firefox says it can connect to the local host. I have run the diagnostics tool, and attached is the report. Anyone willing to help a lone wolf? :_( thanks a lot guys! mr.mulse-diagnostics-20180922-1254.zip