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  1. Thanks, I was confused by that showing up, I didn't even think of that.
  2. When I am using VMs on my UnRaid setup. I am currently using the Builtin Remote Desktop Software. After I shutdown the Virtual machine Properly it shows no connection, I then close out that window. When I am back at the list of VMs it stills shows the one I just down as started. So I select the icon and select stop it comes up with the error attached. When I select okay it stops the VM like I selected it to. I am just trying to figure out what the error means, or if there is a way to have the VM stop after you shutdown the guest operating system. Thanks, Tony
  3. Just starting into using UnRaid, still working through the setup, there is a lot you can do with it. I am just barely scratching the surface so far.
  4. Prior to today I was able to able to load files into folders in the Hexparrot Mine0S-Node, but now when I try to add things using the share I setup on my windows computer, I keep getting permission denied. I was looking and saw about reverting the Docker container back to a prior version, but when I do that, the docker container fails to do anything. So that is not a solution working for me. I have tried setting the Permission to Read/Write, RW/Slave, RW/Shared. None of them have been successful. I am fairly certain I am missing something just not sure what.
  5. I am having issues trying to reinstall the docker container for nextcloud, after I install it from community applications and try launch the WebUi it goes back to my unraid WebUI. I was trying to completly remove it to try to reinstall it from scratch, but whenever I try to complete remove the appdata folder it gives me an error. I am not sure what is going on. I was trying to follow spaceinvaderone's video on setting up a reverse proxy, but I may have done something wrong which may be causing my problem