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  1. Didn't Space invader one do video about that? If not a link would be appreciated.
  2. Unfortunately I did not think of that. If I see it happen again I will make note of that.
  3. Yesterday I received a notification that I had some errors on my Data Drive in my Unraid Server so I ran a read check to see if that did anything. Then this morning I tried to remount all my data drives, but it showed them all up as unmountable. I then decided to reboot my server and my drives are showing up again but I have one drive that is showing a red x next to its names. I am trying to determine what that means exactly. Diagnostics are included.
  4. According to our IT person it should allow the VPN to connect. I even tested it by taking my tablet in and doing a USB-C to Ethernet Connection and it should our domain and allowed my tablet to access my Server UnRaid UI. He thinks it may be something with the a certificate.
  5. I am trying to remove the OpenVPN Server TUN Mode from from UnRaid Configuration, and I am not sure how I should go about removing that particular option from my network Services.
  6. I am having some strange things going on with my wireguard setup. I have it setup to allow my Cellphone to connect via the Wireguard VPN and that works fine, I can access the UnRaid WebUI on my phone. Yet when I try to use one of my desktops at work and have similar settings trying to access the UnRaid WebUI ends up in timeouts, or it takes a long time, then when I try to log in it timeouts. I had it working just fine with an OpenVPN Docker. It is one thing that is baffling me. When I get home I am going to try to use my tablet connected to my Cellphones Hot Spot to see if I have the same dif
  7. I will post in here to keep up to date regarding this issue and hopefully ASUS will release a BIOS update in the somewhat near future. Since I may eventually update to Ryzen 3rd Gen processor. I also am not sure if I could downgrade bios to work with GPU passthrough since I am using a 2nd Gen Ryzen Processor.
  8. That is understood, is there a recommended BIOS version that will keep compatibility with 2nd Generation Ryzen Processors. Though I may wait until they release The BIOS that allows GPU Passthrough, while still being compatible with 3rd Gen Ryzen Processors
  9. I wasn't sure what information could be useful to start to help with troubleshooting. So that will give me information to start with. CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X MoBo: Asus ROG Strix X370-F Ram: 4x16 GB Corsair Vengence LPX 2400 GPU: Gigabyte R9270 + Gigabyte Radeon R5 230 Storage: 2xSamsung 250 GB 860 EVO SSDs (Cache), 1x6TB Seagate IronWolf Drive (Parity), 4x4TB Seagate IronWold Drives (Storage) What I have done so far is Setup and Win 10 VM that using the Remote Access Software built into UnRaid to get the intial setup done using SpaceInvaderOnes Video. Th
  10. I am trying to do GPU Pass through on my Windows 10 VM I have setup, but it never seems to recognize my video card it is plugged into. I have two AMD GPUs connected to my Motherboard, both of them older ones. Just whenever I try to connect and start it up it will never display the video on the monitor I have it plugged into. The screen always blacks out. I am certain both of them work, because I pulled them out of known working system. Since I have the GPU selected I can longer look at the desktop, also any VNC type software I use sees the VM as running. I am not sure what avenue
  11. I will use that for now though ideally I would rather run it headless. Especially since I plan on locating to a different location in my house at some point, once I get everything setup for my use case.
  12. I have unraid 6.7..2 I recently installed a PCIex1 card for a USB port and ever since then I keep getting an kernel panic error. So it will not boot up. Though when I try to run the UnRaid GUI it boots up fine, but when I just let it go to the default boot method it gives me the Kernel Panic Error. I am not sure what information could be useful to try to help figure out what is going on and how I can get it working again.
  13. Thanks, I was confused by that showing up, I didn't even think of that.
  14. When I am using VMs on my UnRaid setup. I am currently using the Builtin Remote Desktop Software. After I shutdown the Virtual machine Properly it shows no connection, I then close out that window. When I am back at the list of VMs it stills shows the one I just down as started. So I select the icon and select stop it comes up with the error attached. When I select okay it stops the VM like I selected it to. I am just trying to figure out what the error means, or if there is a way to have the VM stop after you shutdown the guest operating system. Thanks, Tony
  15. Just starting into using UnRaid, still working through the setup, there is a lot you can do with it. I am just barely scratching the surface so far.