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  1. Here are the logs tower-diagnostics-20200209-1622.zip
  2. Hi sorry for the spam I got a new card and the drives show on unriad however im getting this message "5 supportable devices of 20 are presented for system boot selection" only 15 drives are showing. As its picking up 20 is there something I need to do to get the last 5 to work or are they dead drives?
  3. Do you reccomed any that would work with a dell C2100 and has 2 ports
  4. Im getting the error to the side when trying to upgrade firmware. "no lsi sas adapters found! limited command set avalible!" "Advanced mode set"
  5. I have recently setup my server however my drives that are seated dont show on the Array Devices however show in the bios. Server: Dell PowerEdge C2100 Intel Xeon CPU X5650 x2 98GB Ram LSI 9260-8i RAID
  6. Thank you! seems to work now switched to france and is working all good now!
  7. Hi First off for some reason it wouldnt let me post in the plugin support section :/ so posting here. I am currently having issues setting up the vpn I have watched Spaceinvader Ones tutorial on it and still having issues starting it up. I am using PIA as the VPN and as per the video i moved the files in the relevent folder for the netherlands cert etc. but just wont load the web UI