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  1. Is it posible to download the Plg. and then start the update locally from the flash drive ? Or maybe updating to a later version, and then to the final ?
  2. I have 8gb installed, and 75% usage with the array all up and running.
  3. Hi, having problems updating from 6.6.1 . Getting this message from both the Update OS tool and from the Plugins menu: plugin: updating: unRAIDServer.plg plugin: downloading: https://s3.amazonaws.com/dnld.lime-technology.com/stable/unRAIDServer-6.8.3-x86_64.zip ... failed (File I/O error) plugin: wget: https://s3.amazonaws.com/dnld.lime-technology.com/stable/unRAIDServer-6.8.3-x86_64.zip download failure (File I/O error) It reaches 5% on the Zip download, and then this. Thank you