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  1. 3 hours ago, optiman said:

    can anyone please confirm if the drive spin down issue is resolved in RC2?  That's the only reason I haven't tried it yet and why I'm stuck on 6.9.1.  When I went to 6.9.2, all my drives would remain spun up 😭

    I'll readily admit that I haven't read this entire thread. But I've been on 6.9.2 since it was released and I haven't experienced this issue at all. My disks spin down just fine. Hardware specs are in my signature.




    One question I do have though, for QEMU / KVM: I heard from a birdie about 5-6 months ago - an oVirt dev, really - that QEMU/KVM had an update that allowed console access to a Windows VM that had a GPU passed through to it. In the past, if you passed a GPU through to a VM you were left with a blank screen on the console. So this enhancement added a feature that Citrix / VMWare have had for quite a while.


    Is that a thing here? Or am I possibly making something up in my own head? I've checked Phoronix and other upstream sites but haven't found anything to link here to back up my question with documentation (I know, I'm the worst...). But I figured I'd ask the question anyway.


    But I swear I read this somewhere. I'm going to keep searching. I can't find it now. Maybe I had too many IPAs when I heard it. /shrug