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  1. Update 2020.03.30 Commit #145 - BUG: Wrong checksum for disklocation.sh cronjob script.
  2. I can't seem to find anything wrong here. Can you verify that the "/boot/config/plugins/disklocation/disklocation.sqlite" exists at all after installation? And that for some reason this is not mounted as read-only for whatever reason. You can try the new version which fixes another issue as described in the next post:
  3. Try to delete the entire plugin and reinstall it, looks like something went wrong during download. Maybe you have to delete the database also under /boot/config/plugins/disklocation/disklocation.sqlite if the "Settings -> Disk Location -> System" does not exists or shows any database
  4. Update 2020.03.18 Not really anything new, but now licensed under GNU GPL version 3.
  5. Hi The screenshots are outdated, and the information was given in the forum at some point. Though I will update the first post later. The plugin is divided into two sections: Tools -> Disk Location: This is the visible and configured section of your system Settings -> Disk Location: This is where you configure your system. "Force Scan All" button under "Tray Allocations" will help solve most of the problems.
  6. Update 2020.03.06 Commit #142 - IMPROVEMENT: Differ between SATA SSD, NVMe, and rotational devices. Commit #141 - MINOR ISSUE: Checking for SSD only if rotation rate is not reported, some drives should show rotation rates again (ex. Toshiba drives). "Force Scan All" might be needed to update all the devices. @S80_UK fixed.. probably.
  7. Update 2020.03.04 Commit #139 - FEATURE: Added the ability to turn off scanning of device during a plugin update. If it's disabled it will rely on manual updates (Force Scan All) and S.M.A.R.T update schedules. (This will make updates and reboots faster though) Commit #138 - FEATURE: Added possibility to adjust the size of the preview/dashboard layout. @CorneliousJD something for you 😛
  8. I might add an adjustable factor in the future, I'll list it on github meanwhile.
  9. They are directly related by a factor of 10x the size. The idea is that you should adjust the size of the "Devices" page, and not the "Layout" display.
  10. Update 2020.03.03 (probably 3rd somewhere in the world already) Commit #136 - IMPROVEMENT: Added help text for the "System" tab (also renamed the tab from "System Files"). Commit #135 - FEATURE: Added an "Undelete" button under "System" tab for undeleting manually deleted devices. @mistah ..or you can use this new function when you update the plugin 😛 The buttons under "System" are only available when it's possible to use them, otherwise hidden if there's nothing to do.
  11. If you are sure you have flagged it for deletion earlier, then yes it is possible. But you should rather know some SQL basics. Make sure you have ran the "Force Scan All" button first, I don't remember if that will re-add it if it is found or if it's completely ignored because of the flag. SQL: First, backup the entire database: cp /boot/config/plugins/disklocation/disklocation.sqlite /boot/config/plugins/disklocation/disklocation.bak To check for the deletion flag (if nothing is listed the flag does not exist and there's nothing more you can do here): sqlite3 /boot/config/plugins/disklocation/disklocation.sqlite "select device,devicenode,model_family,model_name,status,hash from disks where status='d';" To undelete a specific device, type this and copypaste the HASH from the list to be undeleted (do not include < >), this will put the device under "Devices not found or removed" under the "Drives" tab, where you can add or delete it manually from the list: sqlite3 /boot/config/plugins/disklocation/disklocation.sqlite "update disks set status='r' where hash='<INSERT HASH HERE>';" Option 2) To undelete all devices (I might add this to a function later) Button added under "System" Finally you wanna run "Force Scan All" to make sure it detects the devices.
  12. Update 2020.03.02 Commit #133 - IMPROVEMENT: Removed the "Reset" buttons as they make people confused about its function. They only resetted the changed input in forms, pure html reset.
  13. Guess you reached pulling the new update
  14. Update 2020.02.28 Commit #131 - BUG: A php comment section was accidentally pasted into an SQL creation variable, causing an update to fail (affected version: 2020.02.23). Commit #127 - MAJOR ISSUE: Disk Location uses a cronjob for storing data in a database file located at the flash device, and an hourly cronjob might have exhausted some flash devices. A new setting is available where the default is now set as "Disabled", however, "Daily" (and longer periods) should still be quite safe to use. It's stored on the flash device because the database contain information about old devices as well, which is neat in case of a major device failure and you just wanna know how long it lasted. Everybody is strongly encourage to upgrade ASAP! Also: please use the inline Help function for more information - it works! People with Unraid earlier than 6.7.1 should upgrade using the development branch (or simply update your Unraid altogether). I hope it's none.
  15. Looks like a php comment section was accidentally pasted into a SQL creation variable. Will fix asap.