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  1. I think there was something wrong with the config. I removed the config and then re-created it and everything is fine.
  2. Hi all, I am having an issue where Medusa won't accept any username and password when trying to communicate with qbittorrent. Authentication always fails. Log snippet below: 2019-05-20 22:53:45 WARNING SNATCHQUEUE-SNATCH-295648 :: [4614efc] qbittorrent: Authentication Failed This was all working fine until my NAS died and I replaced it with a new one. I just put the drives into the new server and booted from the same USB stick. Any help will be appreciated. Thx guys
  3. I am using the default post processing settings, no external scripts. I can't seem to see a setting the removes RAR files or other archives. I have linked an image of the settings. Post Processing Settings
  4. Hi, has anyone else experienced missing RAR or other archive files when Medusa is running. I have downloaded other torrents and have noticed that they are being deleted if Medusa is running. Other files such as MP4, MKV, ISO etc aren't touched but my RAR archives get deleted. If Medusa isn't running then the files remain but as a soon as I start Medusa up again after a few minutes the RAR files are removed. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi, is the unRAID license a lifetime license or does one need to keep renewing in order to maintain updates to newer version?