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  1. I tried using clover as suggested in the video above and managed to show show the windows EFI bootloader. However when it click it it just errors and goes to a blue error screen saying i need to repair my windows system Update: I followed what he said in the video. Installed it to a virtual disk then clone it onto the SSD. Then i used clover to try and boot the cloned SSD passed into the VM. But in clover there are no entries for the windows disk, there is nothing to boot
  2. @SuperW2 I didn't think the GPU rom mattered if the GPU itself support UEFI. In my case it does. However I will give it a try and see what happens. Update: no change Mind dumping your XML? Feel free to remove any information you think is sensitive Update: I figured it out
  3. Hey, @SuperW2 How did you get it working with the Nvidia passthrough? Let me explain a little. I have a working OSXHS 10.12.6 that I want to boot on unraid. The install is done. The nvidia drivers are installed (GTX 970), networking works. This is on Ubuntu 18.04.1 and using qemu command line and not libvirt. How ever when I try to mimic (including the chipset type - 2.11) the setup on unRaid 6.6.6, the machine keeps rebooting. I tried to do a clean install of a brand new OS X HS but once again the machine keeps rebooting after the a
  4. Hey, I am trying to set this up via GPU passthrough how ever I cannot boot the installer. The VM just reboots after a row a plus signs. Thanks
  5. I got it working without any VMDK conversion on libvirt using QEMU 2.12 and q35/i440FX chipsets. Since the android 8.1 x64 rc2 is built with kernel 4.18, I decided to pass in a physical Nvidia GPU, GTX 970, this works for a little bit then the VM just freezes completely or reboots. It would be nice to have this working with hardware decoding support, could serve as a very nice media player.