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  1. Is this okay? psting the full page would result in a enormous screenshot, Maybe there is a more compact text version i can grab somewhere?
  2. By /mnt/user i meant /mnt/user/sharename i was just simplifying my writing, I am aware how unraid operate, this is not the cause of the as stated already the docker.img size is stable and does not move all whats inside are docker own image. Additionally the symptom i am having have nothing to do with wrong path is more like zombie process created by docker become unkillable even by init, Which i suspect 90% its caused by either some conflict or bugs.
  3. I made sure to change ll what could be changed to /mnt/disk and only kept the rest to /mnt/user/ for the data that is split in various disk, i also moved libvrt and docker.img to /disk/cache instead of the default /disk/user/ i also do monitor often if the docker img size and its stable since months now Today some docker container became unresponsive for no apparent reason and all my effort to stop them failed this is not the first time that this did happen and i cant seems to track down the issue. Either there is some bug with docker itself which is what i do think or something within unraid. all docker run and are mounted directly on the cache disk, Will try to run more memtest when possible last run i did 3 months ago i left the system 24hour and resulted in 0 error therefore i dont see where the problem could be thanks.
  4. Hello I am having sporadic problem where some docker container stop working peroperly and then when i try to restart them they wont restart not using docker kill <id> yeld any result Stopping the array in a clean way also become impossible only an hard reset is left to this point Things i tried: stopping the container via gui and via docket stop tried to kill the container with docker kill Stop the array reboot the server The only things that work is pressing the reset button. It does not happen often but should not happen at all its not normal that one has to hard reset the server like this Any idea? (ignore the error on disk4 it has been fixed already :p)