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  1. I followed the directions from this thread, both applying the script and installing the Auto Update plugin, and neither work for me. My issue is a little different, maybe, because i have a docker image in a slightly weird repository.......i have a client/server pair of images, and one of them is installed on dockerhub under cjmaroney01/cjmaroney01:mixmaster and the other is at cjmaroney01/mixmaster-server. The first one always says it is ready to update, even immediately after applying an update (there was no actual update, i wrote the code in these images myself and there have been no cha
  2. Hi there! I have some docker images that i am running, and 2 of them are things i personally created. They are deployed to dockerhub, i believe (https://index.docker.io/v1/) and one of them has a path like "cjmaroney01/mixmaster-server" and that one is fine, but the other is like "cjmaroney01/cjmaroney01:mixmaster" and it ALWAYS says there is an update available, and wants me to update it, but it is my own image and i know for a fact that there has been no new version in quite some time. If i do go ahead and update it, it re-deploys the same version, and then says there is an update available.