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  1. Mine stopped working a couple of days ago (also BT hub which is why I'm commenting) I've eventually got it working again by backing up the SWAG appdata folder, deleting the one that it uses, and restarting. then, once it was up and working again, copying back in the proxy-confs that I use.
  2. I just had an issue with ZoneMinder after an update. It started complaining about MariaDb/SQL and refusing to start. After reading the last few pages, I removed the log files, and it's seemingly all good again, Figured a message to layout what I did in simple terms (i.e. terms I can follow) might help others, and check I've not goofed in any way. I went to appdata, and removed the following files (There were 2) : /mysql/ib_logfile*
  3. And obviously, after a week of struggling with this, I work it out within a day of posting! I tried: SettingB serverip 4030 4040 This didn't work either. Which pretty much pointed to the router. Sure enough, rebooting router fixed the issues.
  4. (6.7.0-rc5) I have been investigating an issue I have recently started to have. but I'm getting nowhere with it. I'll do my best to describe it with examples. (I'm pretty sure I broke something somehow as it was working previously) for the sake of showing off the issue, I have two firewall port settings set up for airsonic settingA UnraidServer 80 4040 settingB UnraidServer 4040 4040 Basically shifting incoming port 80 to 4040 on unraid box and the same with 4040. if I access my machine remotely using: www.somewebaddress.com:4040/airsonic/login This works. www.somewebaddress.com/airsonic/login This does not work. However, if I instead change the firewall to point at unraid gui settingA UnraidServer 80 80 then www.somewebaddress.com will show me my unraid Gui. So, I think somehow I've broken unraid's ability to pass on requests to containers. (Routing? I'm not sure on the terminology!) This isn't specifically related to airsonic, it is affecting all of my containers. Any help anyone could give would be gratefully received. tower-diagnostics-20190326-1203.zip
  5. As my confusion stemmed from the preclear failing, but the smart test passing, now the smart test has failed I guess I'm no longer confused thanks for your help in this, marking as solved.
  6. and the report from the now failed Extended smart test: tower-smart-20181206-1109.zip
  7. I've changed the sata cable, made sure it all looks good on the connection front. Rerun the preclear, but same issue. I've run a quick smart test, comes back clean. I'm now in the process of running an extended. I've reattached the diagnostics as I'd rebooted after the last failure any insight you can give is much appreciated! tower-diagnostics-20181206-0923.zip
  8. Thanks for the response, here you go: tower-diagnostics-20181205-2038.zip
  9. I'm relativly new to Unraid. I started with a 2tb drive, then added two 4tb drive, preclearing, and then assigning one as parity. This worked fine, and as it was filling up, I've bought a couple of new 6tb drives. I've connected up one of them and run a preclear, which has failed. I ran an extended smart test, and it comes back clean. This is really just to check I'm right in wanting to return the drive. And to ask what people tend to return it as? (how to word the fact that it's failed etc) preclear-fail.txt preclear-fail2.txt