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  1. So ssh wasn't responding, and the ui-based cli failed to load, the UI itself slowed to a crawl, I hard-reset the system (even the 'reboot' button resulted in a timeout) and now it's come back up with the drive in "unmountable" state with the option to format it. I hit format and it happened basically instantly, drive is mounted, no further issues, so the ol turn it off and on again did the trick, system came up with no shares, and docker failing to start (/mnt/user being empty seemed to be the root cause) another reboot fixed that, and now everything is working perfectly (for now!) Thanks for your help.
  2. Hey Jorge, Seems to 504 after 5 minutes, leaving it another 15 it still hasn't done anything. I currently have a lot of cores maxed out and the server seems to be running very slow, despite the fact that nothing is actually running. I'll try another reboot and see if I can generate the diagnostics afterwards?
  3. I added a new 4TB drive to my array, was not pre-cleared or anything, so that ran (took 6~ hours) then I was asked to format the drive, which I did. I left it about an hour, and it still had not finished, so I left it overnight, as I wasn't sure if it was re-running any other operations in the background (formatting should be pretty quick at this point I guess?), it still hasn't finished formatting about 8 hours later. I rebooted the system, hoping it would give me the option to retry the formatting etc, but it's booted up still formatting: Not sure what I've managed to mess up here - but I don't want to go ripping the drive out and wiping it on a different system or something if I don't have to, also not sure if that would fix this or just waste another few hours. Any help is much appreciated, Thanks!
  4. Couldn't see a mention of it in the thread yet, is there any support for DNS authentication for letsencrypt certs?