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  1. I have Sonarr and NZBGet set up in binhex Docker containers. For the most part, Sonarr and NZBGet are working in harmony. The connection to NZBGet tests successfully, and the majority of the time Sonarr is able to send reports to NZBGet. However, on checking the logs, Sonarr is regularly receiving the following error when trying to connect to NZBGet: Unable to retrieve queue and history items from NZBGet: Unable to connect to NZBGet. Error getting response stream (GetResponse): ServerProtocolViolation: '' 1:05am Any idea why this
  2. It sounds like if the BIOS was reset, the boot order may have been lost and it indeed tried to boot from the parity drive first, rather than the unraid USB drive. What's the best way to remove the HPA from the parity drive?
  3. Ok thanks. I don’t have a floppy drive! Is it possible that the same issue that has caused the BIOS to create the HPA area (as I understand it caused by the CMOS battery dying and the BIOS settings reverting) has also enabled a default setting making the BIOS think a floppy drive is still connected? If so I’ll replace the CMOS and get back into the BIOS to fix things up.
  4. Is anyone able to confirm, based on these diagnostics, that the HPA area is indeed the problem?
  5. I’ve found the other thread, thanks for the heads up - will try following that and see how I go
  6. I have previously had the array running successfully with this same drive as parity. I'm not sure what's changed to make this message now appear and be unable to start the array with this parity drive?
  7. Rebuild started. It's still warning me about the CRC errors, despite replacing the SATA cables:
  8. What should I have done then? Yes I checked that box. Should I cancel the parity check?
  9. I found Parity Check in settings, which I scheduled and it's now running. Is this the correct process?
  10. Thanks for this, I have replaced the SATA cables. How do I re-sync parity?
  11. Please can someone help me analyse the attached diagnostics? Thanks, Luke
  12. In that case, I do not know why it’s not booting GPUless. I can’t connect a monitor to see what’s going wrong. Regardless, back to my original question... can I just unplug the GPU fan if the card isn’t being used (so presumably not generating heat)?
  13. I've repurposed an old machine with a loud GPU fan for my unraid box. I tried removing the graphics card completely, but I think that caused the machine not to boot (it was hard to tell without being able to see a monitor!) as it never connected to the network. As I will be using the machine headless, it is safe/wise to unplug the GPU fan to quieten the machine somewhat? Presumably if there is no output device attached then the card will not be doing any work so will not get that hot? Or should I just buy a passive graphics card - if so anyone have any suggestions for cheapest one
  14. Just checking on the current status of preclear. I've seen plenty of threads about it but some quite old and mentioning gfjardim has to fix up the plugin before it can be used. What's the situation at the moment, am I safe to use the plugin with the latest version of unraid, or should I just use a script? If so, which one is best and are there step by step instructions for how to do this? Many thanks, Luke