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  1. Arrived late to the party. Love the software, enjoy the community, and respect for all involved. Only thing I can throw out there is an old saying, "Start with the end." Without getting too much on the granola bandwagon. Simply picturing being at the ideal destination and plotting backwards of the steps which were taken to get there may provide some potential insight. Very similar to the previous post(s) it does seem that we have distinct layers (management/community developers/users). If projected 1 year out in the best case scenario, how would that look for each layer?
  2. Have to agree with the majority of responses, that the community has been one of the greatest assets. Hm... DEFCON, COMICON, with enough of a user base how about UnRAID'CON? Vegas anyone? Oh. My vote also is for multi cache pools as well.
  3. Seems that there are a handful of beer/homebrewing enthusiasts in the mix (me included.) I'd opt for a community driven - open sourced 5 gallon recipe while we're at it. 🍺
  4. Still digging around and since Resilio operates in a similar fashion and we have a thread based on that. There was a mention (thanks to SelfSD) suggesting a variable of UMASK_SET with initially a 0777 but others utilized a 0000 with a good result. Check up on the following responses after that initial post, seemed to work well for them.
  5. Regarding the 'permission denied' issue. The resolution on this side kicked in after running the /Tools/DockerSafeNewPerms which corrected the directories and their permissions. (update) Buuuuut. It does seem that anything new/created such as syncing a new folder will inherit the original permissions upon creation and the 'permission denied' kicks in again.