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  1. Sorry to bother you but where in the bios of asrock did you find "ACS Override" looked all over or did you mean in vm manager in unraid? Only asking as I'm not getting any sound on my onboard audio. Thanks
  2. Hi All First time poster, few month lurker! I've read a lot of posts and watched a lot of YouTube videos from LinusTechTips and spaceinvaderone. Personal thank you to @SpaceInvaderOnefor all those great videos. My old setup before selling off the parts or giving them to family/friends: 1 PC for gaming with; GTX 1060, i7 6700k, 16gb DDR4, 500gb nvme Raid. I ran a 2nd PC/server that was always on for Plex, i5 4460, 32gb DDR3, 5x 4tb HDDs. This was running on an xpenology OS. iMac for work related projects, I also run a pihole off a ras-pi and 2 other synology NAS for backups/work related stuff. Moving to unraid i am hoping for a 1 box all solution, hence the budget (£1500), but I can push it further if needed. Now, to the jammy center; I currently have £1500.00 to build a new unraid project, I have never used unraid before but all the videos, posts and reddit have motivated me to join you guys. My budget doesn't include the follow as i either have the parts already or in the process of buying: 5x 4tb Seagate Ironwolf (using about 80% space) 2x 8tb (empty) 3x 250gb NVME 1x 500gb SSD SATA 800W PSU AMD/ATI 570 GFX RTX 2080 GFX (just bought) A desk PC case custom built AIO 360mm watercooler My needs are PLEX 24/7 for my 4 remote users, they are all running Android TV or Xbox one. Transcoding is what was used in the past builds. Should i go VM, docker or other? Windows 10 gaming PC VM that will utilise my new monitor at 1440p around 120hz, the RTX 2080 will pass through from my understanding. I also plan to use the NVME drives to install Win10, steam, etc. Hackintosh VM for work related stuff that will use the 570 ATI. 1 of the NVME. Pihole Maybe 1 VM for testing builds, etc. I was thinking the following for my build 2920X Threadripper OR i9 9900k OR Ryzen 2700X. The budget will be for the CPU, Mobo, RAM and anything else I can think off. I would like to upgrade to 10GbE in the next few years, cards from ASUS are about £100.00. My worries are the gaming side and how many expansion slots I can use with the PCI lanes, I know it wont be a issue with Threadripper. Any advice or help is welcomed, thanks.