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  1. Es war nur ein Netzwerkproblem. Überprüfen Sie Ihre IPs und all das ... stellen Sie sicher, dass die Maschine selbst eine Verbindung hat.
  2. Fantastic. Thanks, everyone!!
  3. Guess I'm going to have to stop the array again and see if there's a "format" button somewhere. Don't remember having to do that before but that's the only thing I can think of. I can't stop the array right now as I have things going on on the server that I have to wait for. Will give it a shot and let you all know how it goes.
  4. In looking for how to format a disk, I came across this: "You dont need to "format" disks to add them to an array. UnRAID will automatically preclear the disk, format and bring it online when you configure the array." This is how I remember it, too.
  5. Nope...there isn't anything on it. I took it out of the box and shoved it in the server. I don't remember having to do anything else with it before...pretty sure I just put it in, add it to the array, it clears, bob's your auntie. I'm not even sure off hand how to format a disk in unRAID. lol
  6. Good morning: Did some searching around and saw some posts about "unmountable disks" but nothing like what I'm experiencing. All the ones I saw had to do with replacing failed disks, upgrading disk size, etc. For me, though? It's a brand new disk! I put a brand new disk in, it cleared and all that, now it says "unmountable". I don't get it...why would a brand new disk be "unmountable"? Any help greatly appreciated. Never had this happen. Usually I just shove a disk in, it clears and away we go... Logs: diagnostics-20220418-0715.zip
  7. I force-updated the container and it seems that this issue is resolved.
  8. Anyone else seeing this? Can't edit or delete any downloads...this is first I've seen it.
  9. Oh my God, that worked!!! lol How weird is that!? Hahaha
  10. Quick question: Not sure why, but all of a sudden, all my downloads are failing and showing up as "hidden". Anyone have any idea how to get NZBGet to stop marking everything as "hidden"? Any info greatly appreciated...I Googled around and couldn't find anything of interest...
  11. Well damn it...I was tinkering and found that, if I delete the movie from Sonarr, then re-add it, it finds it and shows as downloaded. I inadvertently cleared the errors. Oops. Hahaha Next time I see it, I'll check for an error/status. Thanks.
  12. Good morning: Recently, I've noticed downloads just stopping in Radarr. NZBGet completes, the files get renamed and moved, everything is perfect except in Radarr, where they just sit here at 100%. Is this a new/known thing or am I just doing something wrong? This makes the files sit as "downloading" forever. I tried manually importing them, I checked the download location, everything is perfect...it's just...stuck... I updated the container, restarted it, all that basic stuff, too. No change. Ideas? Thanks.
  13. The only VM that is running has its own dedicated SSD. It isn't on the array at all and none of my other VMs are on most of the time. I'll look into moving those over but I can't imagine how they'd be affecting performance. No idea if it's filled up in the past, but it's currently using only 9GB of 30GB.
  14. Yea, I didn't think that would be possible. That'd be a pretty huge security/privacy issue if devs could remove stuff from users' machines... Hmm...alright, I'll give that a try. I moved appdata and system to the cache but can't move domains there because it's too big. And yea, I've had to recreate Docker a few times because it poo'd the bed on me. Kind of a pain but it's an easy enough fix. Thanks for all the help!!
  15. I noticed that, in "Previous Apps" in Community Applications, Krusader had no description... Searched for Krusader and installed the Binhex version and it seems to work fine. This is odd, and it's kind of annoying that all my settings I had in Krusader before are gone, but hey...whatever, I guess. Did the dev discontinue the app or something? Can they do that? It'd be kind of strange if a developer could make apps disappear from users' machines...