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  1. Still trying to figure out what's going on...none of my VMs can so much as ping the server they're running on. I have a W7 VM and a W10 VM running on my 6.6.6 unRAID server. They both work perfectly aside from not being able to access unRAID shares. They can't even ping the server. No connectivity whatsoever. What are the correct networking settings for VMs so they can communicate with the server and access shares?
  2. rmp5s

    Share Passthrough to VM?

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me? None of my VMs can communicate in any way with the server they're running on and I have no idea why...
  3. D'oh!! Thanks, man. There was nothing on the drive yet so I just kicked it out of the cache spot, deleted the partition, rebooted and added it as parity. Parity is building now. Thanks, EVERYONE!! You guys rock!!
  4. Oh...I thought the two were the same. Just looking for some fault tolerance and I thought the parity drive had to be as big as your biggest array drive. Mine (for now) will be 8TB.
  5. Do I have to start in maintenance mode?
  6. Yea, I just noticed that the dashboard says "parity disk not present" even though I have the new 8TB assigned as a cache drive. Guess that's why? Not seeing a format checkbox, though. Array stopped: Array running: Am I missing something?
  7. That did the trick. Thanks! Nope. There is not checkbox, as can be seen in the screenshot above. It was just a glitch. Solved by a reboot.
  8. I have a brand new 8TB drive that I put in and precleared. I want to make it my cache disk, but it's telling me, "Unmountable: No file system". ...so I think to myself, "cool. I just need to format it" but the "format" button is greyed out. What am I missing here...???
  9. rmp5s

    Share Passthrough to VM?

    Ok, so...I'm officially lost. I even just made an entirely new Win10 VM (other machine was W7) and it's doing the same thing. Can't even ping the unRAID server...no connectivity whatsoever. On the Windows 10 VM, I have Internet access even though I can't talk to the server it's running on... Has to be something with bridging or something...I don't know. I don't get it. Thoughts?
  10. rmp5s

    Share Passthrough to VM?

    That's what I'm thinking, too. Good to hear it is possible, though. Some of the stuff I was reading made it out like it won't work.
  11. I have no problem accessing the shares on my unRAID server via Windoze machines on the network via SMB, but I can't even ping the unRAID server from a VM running on it. I was expecting this to be a bit simpler than it's proving to be. Makes me think I've borked some network settings somewhere... Network setting details: Server has 4 Ethernet ports. First port, eth0, is on my main network and has Internet access. Static IP, no bonding, no bridging. Everything's hunky dory. Second port, eth1, is plugged into a switchport on a totally different router as to keep this VM on a segregated network. It's also on a static IP, no bridging but I put eth1 into a bridge by itself as this seems to be required for the VM to boot. I tried turning off the bridging as I thought that may be what's keeping the VM from accessing the unRAID server and the VM wouldn't boot. Eth1 is my security camera network...this (Windoze 7) VM and the cams are the only things on it. As far as all that goes, it works perfectly and it's FANTASTIC to be able to have it segregated AND be able to pull up the VM via VNC to view the cams. SUPER handy. Wasn't sure how I was going to accomplish this but this is perfect. The problem I'm having though is I'd like to be able to map an unRAID share to save the security camera footage on. Is it not possible to map an unRAID share in a Windows VM? I saw something about turning SMBv1 back on and I'm toying with that, but any other ideas and/or info is greatly appreciated.
  12. rmp5s

    Downloads in Docker

    I have a nzbget Docker container that's downloading things for me and I think my path settings are all screwed up. Instead of it downloading content to my unRAID server, I think the downloads are being saved IN the Docker container. I'm not sure as I'm totally new to this stuff, but I think that's what's happening. Is this even possible? How can I get the data OUT of the Docker container? How should I have my paths set?...IP/path of the unRAID share? Thanks!
  13. rmp5s

    [SOLVED] Dedicate a NIC to a VM?

    Nevermind. Lots of trial and error later, I got it working. I had to shutdown VMs and Docker, then go to Settings -> Networking and turn off bridging and bonding. Then I configured the NICs the way I wanted them, turned VMs and Docker back on, edited the VM and made sure the VM was assigned the right bridge, br1 in my case. It makes sense when you get in there and start messing with stuff.
  14. I have a VM that I'm using to run my security cameras. My server has 4 NICs on it. I want to dedicate a NIC to that VM as it's a segregated LAN...I don't want it to have any Internet access. I want it to just be local. But I'd like to use the other NICs to access the server so I can view the VM, make new shares, etc. What's the best way to do this?
  15. Yea, I just discovered how to set up shares and access them and all that right before your first reply. Thinking I might do it that way as then I could use Unstoppable Copy to move everything from my desktop to the server. I'm sure it's going to take a LONG time either way, so I'm not too worried about that. I'll definitely look into the method you mention though. Nothing wrong with having options! lol