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  1. I have a few Docker containers that I can get into, no problem. Sonarr and Radarr, with "bridge networks"...some 172 IP -> server IP...punch in the IP and port, log in no problem. Even Plex..."host network" with no port mappings. IP and port, log in no problem. But the NZBGet Docker keeps giving me a "refused to connect" error. It's got the same type of setup as Sonarr and Radarr (they're all Binhex containers) with its own unique IP and port. Not sure why I can't get to the webUI. Anyone else have this happen before?
  2. Yup. But they're pinned correctly. I don't think this would make a ton of difference, though. I'm thinking it's just the CPU is weak and, with no GPU acceleration, it's just slow as balls. That's the only explanation I have. Anyone ever shove a GPU into a 1U server? lol
  3. Nope. I can see in the preview that it's only chewing through frames at 1-3 per second...sometimes a frame takes longer than a second, even.
  4. Good afternoon: I run unRAID on an HP ProLiant DL360e G8...specs: Dual E5-2440 CPUs @2.4GHz 64GB RAM 3x8TB 3.5" HDD 1x3TB 3.5" HDD 1x240GB NVMe SSD as cache drive On it, I have a W10 VM with Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder installed and I'm trying to figure out why it renders video so slowly. The VM isn't running anything but these apps. I have assigned the VM 12 CPU cores and 16GB of RAM and I can render videos on my laptop (with its massive dual core/hyperthreaded i7-7500U...) twice as fast as I can on the server...I'm trying to figure out why. I'm pretty sure the storage speed isn't the problem because I render files from the server on my laptop over Wi-Fi, no problem. That leaves... The CPUs: The best CPUs I can run on this motherboard are a couple Intel Xeon E5-2470v2 and I'm thinking about upgrading as they're not that expensive...I just don't know how much it will help. Or the lack of GPU acceleration: The server is a 1U so there's not much room for a GPU, but I MIGHT be able to shoehorn in a 1050ti. I'm pretty sure this will help most. Can anyone shed any light on this? Anyone have any experience doing this kind of thing? Thanks!
  5. Ah. Ok. Well, hope it doesn't die again. On the bright side, I learned that my DNS settings are incorrect. It should have failed over to when the server (which is running a pi-hole Docker) went down but it didn't. So. Gotta fix that.
  6. Damn. Any idea what those ACPI Errors are?
  7. I just got home from work and noticed my server was down. I plugged the monitor and keyboard into it and all that was on the screen was a bunch of gibberish. I could hit enter and get blank lines and I could hit ctrl+C and get brought to a login prompt. I entered my creds and it just took me back to the gibberish. I did a hard reboot and everything seems fine but I'd like to know what caused the reboot/error. Diags attached if anyone could parse through that. I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you! tower-diagnostics-20190321-1714.zip
  8. So, I ran a cable to it and it hasn't done it since. Cabling it seems to fix the issue.
  9. Yea, from what I understand, this is caused by the way Plex does audio/video sync. Due to the wonky wireless drivers the nVidia Shield TV has, it gets out of sync and throws the error. When I heard about this, I did a test: I pinged the Shield TV from a laptop on the same wireless AP and, no joke, the response time varied WILDLY...everything from 2 or 3ms all the way up to over a hundred! It's all OVER the place!! So, I'm just going to try cabling it and see if that fixes it. It should, in theory. I don't think the issue I'm having has to do with filetype or compression or anything as I have the issue with all different kinds of files. Including mkv. I think having it cabled is what makes the biggest difference.
  10. *Shrug*...lol I don't know off hand.
  11. I've been using Binhex's container. I know the Shield TV is MORE than powerful enough to do it and I know my network is plenty fast enough. That's why, when I get the "your connection is not fast enough" error, I know it's BS. Plus, if I hit back and then play again, it plays perfectly...sometimes to the end of the show, even!
  12. Alright, cool. I'll give the linuxserver container a try. Thanks.
  13. For anyone else having trouble with this, when it's asking for a trusted domain, it's the domain you GO TO to access NextCloud...not where you're trying to access FROM. So, just go to /config/www/nextcloud/config and add your domain to the config.php as described here. Much easier than I originally thought.