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  1. ...oh...I thought it was something that needed to be done in the BIOS or something that was involved like the last thing I had to do or something. Done!! The parity finished rebuilding and everything is back to normal, too. Thank you, everyone!
  2. I'll look into it. Yea, I have duplicates of most stuff.
  3. Ah. Got ya. Don't think I'm going to mess with it, man. Is the SMART info really that important?
  4. Oh. And. New drive went in yesterday (after the Amazon guy chucked it on the ground SO HARD that I heard it THROUGH MY FRONT DOOR...) and the parity is rebuilding. 😎
  5. Again, the raid controller is built into the motherboard. EVERYTHING is "plugged into the RAID controller"...it's just not doing anything, as illustrated in that other thread. When I got my first server, I actually got an external RAID card and battery and stuff for it...then I found out that unRAID doesn't play nice with RAID. WHO KNEW!? lol Well, when I got my second server...this one...I didn't bother with a RAID card but it was still giving me issues. After a bunch of research, I found out that that motherboard has the RAID card built in. That's what that other thr
  6. Yes, they are connected to the motherboard.
  7. Nope. I disabled the RAID controller. Unfortunately, it's built into the motherboard on this server...killing it was quite the ordeal when I first set this thing up. It'll always be there, but it's not in use. I documented my steps to do so in this thread should anyone need the info in the future.
  8. All the files in the "smart" folder show the same stupid thing I was seeing earlier, though. It just says to run a command. That normal?
  9. Aww...the diagnostics aren't going to work. Disk3 is gone...I've been messing with it. Shoulda pulled these as soon as I noticed an issue. I'll remember that in the future...
  10. Guess that's where the SMART logs would be...lol diagnostics-20210206-1656.zip
  11. I clicked both of the SMART self-test buttons for that drive when it was part of the array and neither did anything...the log and history and all that didn't do anything other than tell me to use a command and that command...well...I didn't really feel like going down that rabbit hole at the time... Are the logs stored somewhere? It runs these tests automatically periodically, doesn't it?
  12. Wow...once you give a drive to unRAID, it really goes "MINE!!!" Hahaha