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  1. Time for some MemTest fun! Thanks.
  2. Machine rebooted again right around 10:20p last night, Feb 14th. Looking through the syslog file, I'm seeing what looks like memory errors around that time. Seem about right, @Squid? syslog
  3. Alright. That's a start. Will do. Thanks.
  4. I'm trying to figure out why one of my unRAID servers is rebooting. It'll be up for 6-8 days at a time, then reboot. I've gone through the logs (attached) and the only thing I see is that it says "unclean shutdown detected". Nothing about why it's actually doing it. Anyone see anything in the log as to WHY it's rebooting? I've been troubleshooting this for a couple months now and I still have no idea why it's doing this. I moved the RAM sticks into the correct slots on the motherboard, disabled a few plugins, disabled Docker, now I'm going to disable the VM service and see if it still reboots. I'm thinking about starting up the syslog server on the thing to see if I can find out what's going on...anyone have any other ideas? Machine is an HP Proliant DL360e G8 Server with 2x E5-2430 CPUs, 64GB RAM and 2 8TB drives, a 3TB drive, an 8TB parity drive and a 240GB NVMe SSD running version 6.8.0. I have another unRAID install, same version, running on an HP ProLiant DL380p G8 Server with 2x E5-2667v2, 64GB RAM, etc that is rock solid. tower-syslog-20200209-1647.zip
  5. I REALLY need to figure out a way to shove a GPU in the thing...THAT is what I need to quit dragging my feet on.
  6. Got ya. That's what I was thinking about doing...just having them all assigned to a VM. I would too but I don't have enough PCI slots for that...I don't think, anyway... So...thanks for participating in this little thought exercise, everyone. lol The server and/or unRAID has limitations...maybe it's time to build a new machine...hmmmmm...
  7. Hey, they always say "RAID is not a backup", right? lol That machine wouldn't be used for anything important. It would mostly just be to play around. Maybe I'll buy 9 of these things and assign them to a Windows Server VM. With RAID10, I'd end up with a bit under 2TB of usable space which isn't too bad. I dunno. Would adding a bunch of drives like that speed up the unRAID array itself any?...or is it kind of a "weakest link" kind of thing where the slowest drive is the fastest it'll go...
  8. Very interesting. I'll look into the ZFS stuff. Maybe I'll give the plugin a shot beings as I am already set up in unRAID. Switching isn't really an option on this server at this point. After getting my first unRAID server up and running, someone asked me why I chose it over FreeNAS. Apparently FreeNAS has changed a LOT in the near decade since I used it last. I had no idea it did most of the same stuff unRAID does.
  9. I'm watching this Linus video and it got me thinking...I have a 12 bay HP Proliant DL380pG8 that only has a parity and two 8TB drives in it right now...what would you put in the other 9 bays to make it really fast? Of course it's going to be limited by SATA, but I was thinking maybe put a bunch of drives in there and assign them all to a Windoze Server VM and create a RAID10 array out of them?...slap a 10G NIC in the thing and assign that to the server too? I dunno. Kinda just toying with ideas. What would you do if you had 9 drive bays and a bunch of RAM to play with? Server specs: HP ProLiant DL380p LFF G8 2x E5-2667v2, 16 Cores/32 Threads 64GB RAM 2x 8TB SATA drives 1x 8TB Parity 1x 480GB NVMe PCIe SSD (which I can not for the LIFE of me get to show up in BIOS...but that's another discussion...)
  10. Well, either way, we're good to go now. Thanks!
  11. You nailed it, my friend! I scrolled down to the routes and it was aaaaaaaaaaaall screwed up. Route delete, route add, boom. Good to go. Thank you!!
  12. Not sure what exactly "bonding" does in unRAID, let alone "active backup"...
  13. I am still getting the error so I decided to uninstall and reinstall Community Applications. Uninstalled and it won't install. I noticed that, when I go to the terminal and try to ping out, I get no responses. How can unRAID not have any network access but the VMs do? Am I missing something?
  14. ...oh...well hell, that's simple enough. Thanks.
  15. Hi! Not sure why, but Community Applications can't connect and it's telling me I need to "set static DNS addresses (Settings - Network Settings) of and" and try again. I know what DNS servers are and all that, but that's pretty vague. Can anyone shed a little more light on what that means? Thank you!