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  1. I FINALLY got the Docker settings to open and tried to disable Docker...now it's stuck in limbo... ...it's not enabled, but it's running. lol
  2. I've noticed that, if I try to get into ANYTHING Docker-related, it won't load. This is when I click the Settings tab (which loads instantly like it should), then click "Docker", it just sits at this screen, "loading"... ...and if I click Dashboard (which also loads instantly like it should), then click the CPU pinning thing, all the CPU pinning loads right up...except for the Docker part! ...it just sits there! Looks like it's just Docker locking up. Anyone else have this happen? Is there a way to un-stuck it? Thanks, everyone!
  3. It seems to affect the Docker tab more than anything. That and that CPU pinning screen posted above. Neither will load at all if the CPU utilization is anything over...like...50%. It just sits at this blank screen and the page "loads" forever. I have to keep refreshing it until it finally loads.
  4. I'm still dealing with this issue where, sometimes my entire system grinds to a halt. Any time I see CPU utilization above...say...50%...yea, I know I'm in trouble. It's so bad that I can't even load the Docker tab (or any other tab for that matter) to shut down Docker containers without clicking and waiting and clicking and waiting over and over until it finally loads. Anyone else have this happen? Anyone know of a way to allocate, say, 4 CPU cores JUST to the unRAID system itself so it ALWAYS has resources? I have everything pinned out already but this STILL happ
  5. This is the normal utilization. Works GREAT right now... ...but htop still looks exactly the same... Trying to figure out what is going on that is killing system resources. Is there some other tool or something that I can crank up when it's acting up to see what's causing it? HTop really doesn't seem to tell me much.
  6. I went through and forced updates on a bunch of them and, to see what would happen, I hit "Check For Updates" and got this again...not sure what's going on with this.
  7. Fortunately, yea. It was VERY easy to fix. Odd problem but hey...no harm, no foul I guess. lol I have noticed that all my Docker containers have said "update unavailable" for a bit so that actually makes a lot of sense. Going through and forcing updates on everything so I don't have any more Docker containers wandering off. 😆 Hopefully someone else will make use of this thread in the future if nothing else. Thank you, my friend! --Brent
  8. After some Google-ing, I found this thread: Reinstalling the container from the "previous apps" tab in the Apps tab seems to have fixed it. TIL: "Previous apps" is a thing and apparently, sometimes Docker containers get "orphaned". Interesting. lol
  9. I just noticed Plex wasn't working and went to restart the Docker container when I noticed...it's gone! Never had a Docker container simply disappear...do I just reinstall it? I guess? Or is there some underlying issue? Anyone else had something like this happen? Definite first for me...lol
  10. Buy now, it's working PERFECT and htop looks exactly the same. I don't get it. Ideas?
  11. Good evening: I've been trying to figure out why my server has been so inconsistent for quite a while now. Just tonight, I had a movie playing off it WHILE Handbrake was running, no problem. Killed Handbrake as I thought it would finish and quiet down, but it didn't. An hour later, the thing grinds to a halt. Movie stops, all the usual unresponsive UI stuff I'm used to is happening, etc. I crank up htop and it LOOKS like one of my VMs is DESTROYING my system's resources. (The VM is named "Cams".) That VM has exclusive CPU cores pin
  12. Hmm. Alright. I'll toy around with it some. Looks like I may just have to deal with it. Thanks!
  13. As an example, if I'm seeing this... ...I know that, if I try to go see how I have the CPU pinned for instance, all I'm going to see is this... ...the Docker and VM tabs do it, too and sometimes the entire UI takes forever to load. I have all the VMs and Docker containers pinned to their own CPUs, but they share them with the system. I think (hope) that, if I set a couple cores ONLY to the system itself, it will stop that.
  14. Good morning: I think I remember seeing somewhere that you can pin CPU cores ONLY to the unRAID system itself, but I can't remember what it's called. I'd really like to dedicate a couple cores to unRAID as sometimes I have a Docker container or something on the fritz that's pinning its CPU cores which grinds the whole system to a halt. Even the UI won't load until whatever is hammering the CPU stops. It's really annoying. What's it called when you pin CPU cores to the system itself?...because I REALLY need to do it...lol Thanks.
  15. ...oh...I thought it was something that needed to be done in the BIOS or something that was involved like the last thing I had to do or something. Done!! The parity finished rebuilding and everything is back to normal, too. Thank you, everyone!
  16. I'll look into it. Yea, I have duplicates of most stuff.
  17. Ah. Got ya. Don't think I'm going to mess with it, man. Is the SMART info really that important?
  18. Oh. And. New drive went in yesterday (after the Amazon guy chucked it on the ground SO HARD that I heard it THROUGH MY FRONT DOOR...) and the parity is rebuilding. 😎
  19. Again, the raid controller is built into the motherboard. EVERYTHING is "plugged into the RAID controller"...it's just not doing anything, as illustrated in that other thread. When I got my first server, I actually got an external RAID card and battery and stuff for it...then I found out that unRAID doesn't play nice with RAID. WHO KNEW!? lol Well, when I got my second server...this one...I didn't bother with a RAID card but it was still giving me issues. After a bunch of research, I found out that that motherboard has the RAID card built in. That's what that other thr
  20. Nope. I disabled the RAID controller. Unfortunately, it's built into the motherboard on this server...killing it was quite the ordeal when I first set this thing up. It'll always be there, but it's not in use. I documented my steps to do so in this thread should anyone need the info in the future.